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Page of Pentacles

The Student Card. Contemplation. Learning.

The key to understanding the Page of Pentacles is simply, understanding itself. Take a moment to observe the Page of Pentacles. This page holds a pentacle at his fingertips. Pentacles, in tarot, represent earthly possessions, physical things, money and the body. Pages, in tarot, represent the regenerative energy of youth. So, here we find a page endlessly fascinated with all that pertains to the body, the earth, financial and physical things. In fact, the pentacle looks quite magical, as if it were hovering by itself. We see a freshly plowed field behind the page but this is just a hint of the harvest to come. The lesson behind the Page of Pentacles is to observe, learn and nurture something. The page’s endless passion and joy comes from the active state of learning.

We all have themes we are attracted to throughout our life. They may be our hobbies or our life’s work. Our interests say something about who we are and something about the mark we leave upon the world. What subjects mesmerize you? What authors and musicians do you return to again and again? Is there an artist or historical figure you are especially captivated with? If you could go back to school and create any cirriculum imaginable, what would it be? You can look and see how your interests apply to the suits of tarot. Are you interested in physical, financial matters (Pentacles), artistic and emotional pursuits (Cups), mental and calculating pursuits (Swords) or passionate and volitiale things (Wands)?

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