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The Ace of Cups

My Ace of Cups appeared strangely today. It was a gorgeous afternoon, 77 degrees, not a hint of humidity. My four year old and I were enjoying lunch in a sidewalk café. She sat, dappled in sunlight eating her brick oven pizza, looking every bit the angel. I’m thinking how lucky am I? The next thing I knew, she fell right out of her chair, onto the cement. Although a tiny scrape, she saw the blood and fell to pieces. She was sobbing. Ace of Cups, I thought. She’s the Ace of Cups right now!

I’d never considered the Ace of Cups as an emotional breakdown, hysterical crying. It works within the context of the Ace of Cups, representing a wellspring of emotion. She cried dramatically for about fifteen minutes before collapsing into a deep sleep. She awoke from her nap, crystal clear, happy as a clam, in a better mood than before lunch.

Last week, I lost it in yoga class. For no reason, in the middle of a stretch, I just broke down crying (trust me – you’d cry too if you tried to wrap your knee behind your shoulder). Although mortified my classmates may have noticed the sob fest – for the rest of the day, I felt fantastic!

So, when examining the Ace of Cups, we can look at the liquid as an outpouring of tears. An emotional deluge making way for clearer thinking, feeling. With your emotional slate wiped clean you emerge with freshness and clarity every bit evocative of Ace of Cups energy.

Go ahead, rent a sappy movie, listen to that special song, revisit a letter from a long lost love and turn on the waterworks. Let it go! Every now and then it is cathartic to have a good cry. Now, don’t you feel better?

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