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Ace of Wands


Exciting Start. New Opportunity. Fresh Beginning.

Aces always represent a new awakening. The Ace of Wands represents beginning within the suit of wands. Wands have everything to do with fire, passion, excitement and energy. If any ace shows up in a reading for you, get ready for something new. I also firmly believe, if you’ve received an ace, you MUST listen to your intuition regarding new projects, ideas and situations. In fact, when you receive an ace, mentally, open yourself up and get ready for the new experiences coming your way.

The Ace of Wands stands as my tarot card for the year. My tarot teachers, Wald and Ruth Ann Amberstone, created a wonderful yearly spread. You choose one card to represent the New Year, a card for each month and a card for each day. You can find more information about that spread at I knew when I received the Ace of Wands for 2008 it would be a fresh year with many exciting things happening. So true and we are only two months in!

The Ace of Wands was my card of the day yesterday. It raised some very interesting issues regarding my new directions. One thing I am concentrating on is being healthy and taking care of myself. So, for my fresh healthy self, I went to the doctor yesterday and got news that was less than stellar. Without going into detail, I let some things in my body slip that would have been fine had I just taken care of them in the years past. I sat there in the office, getting the news and was stunned. I felt scared of the procedures that lay ahead but even more so, feeling like the greatest moron on the planet because the whole situation had been preventable. It frightened me to death, I’m so torn up about it and terrified. The good news is there is a way to take care of it and it is not a deadly situation. The great news is I am finally on top of it. I’m dealing with it.

How does this relate to the Ace of Wands? A new opportunity doesn’t always come full of joy, like opening a birthday present. This doesn’t mean your fresh chance isn’t as important. I am taking my health seriously and a door has opened. Part of walking down a new path means dealing with harsh past issues. Issues, previously, I’ve happily denied and ignored. We often think, if only we had a new chance, a new shot at something that will make us happy. Well, we can often be proactive in making a new start for ourselves. We don’t have to wait for that Ace.

Another issue of the Ace of Wands is acting quickly when opportunity presents itself. Often, something we ask for suddenly appears. A new job opportunity, for instance, could surprisingly present itself. You may find yourself hesitating, second-guessing yourself. The Ace of Wands says act quickly. The universe likes speed and will react in your favor!

What new areas of your life would you like to open up for yourself? What new direction would fill you with excitement and energy? If you received an Ace would you mentally open yourself up and trust your instincts? Is there something you’ve been in denial about that you need to deal with? Don’t hesitate, rip of that band-aid, deal with the pain and get oh top of the situation. You’ll be happy you did!

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