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The Ten of Wands


The Ten of Wands brings us to a conclusion as tens always imply endings. Wands represent passion, fire and creativity, so we have the end of a cycle that generated lots of excitement. What is the fellow on this card to do? He seems overburdened with all of the wands, as if it were too much for him to carry. Each wand blossoms with fresh leaves, implying new growth. What is the lesson of this card? Let go of what you don’t need. In other words, don’t break your back. If you have to force something to happen, maybe it is not worth it.

I don’t know about you, but I often overwhelm myself. There seems so much to do in a day, let alone a lifetime. I can easily paralyze myself when I start to think about all the things I want to accomplish. Add to the mix, I’m a passionate person who gets excited at the drop of a hat. I have always had loads enthusiasm; it was the follow through that was tough for me. The answer? I, like the fellow on the Ten of Wands, needed to slow it down. Were he to give his wands a rest, he might realize he need not sacrifice anything to get to where here’s going. Perhaps, he needs two trips to carry those wands or maybe he doesn’t need all ten wands. The key here is if he takes a break and reevaluates his situation, he’ll be much better off. He’ll find himself more productive in the long run and save himself a sore back.

In what area of your life are you overexerting yourself? Can you stop and take a pause to reassess where you are headed? Would it be possible to plot out a simpler course for yourself? Are you involved in any activity where you are putting harsh physical stress in your body? How can you ease the load that you carry? Can you discard what is not essential in your life? I think you can. 

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