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The Ace of Swords


A Gift. New Beginning. Fresh Start.

An ace in tarot is always a gift! Aces start their particular suit and represent a new beginning. The Ace of Swords specifically deals with the mind, the intellect. Although the suit of swords is often seen as the toughest suit to deal with and lots of sword cards appear frightening, the Ace of Swords is particularly jubilant. Because aces are so fresh, often the effects of the card are not seen until later. Whenever an ace appears, I tell the person I’m reading for to trust their instincts. One can look at aces as the seedlings sprouting beneath you, the rumblings of fantastic new ventures. Your job, when you receive an ace, isn’t to figure out what it means. Your job is to follow your instincts and allow the ace to work for you. Trust that whatever develops, it will be good.

I chose the Ace of Swords yesterday and carried it in the back of my mind all day. I reminded myself that The Ace of Swords says trust any clever ideas that come to you. I also regard Swords as the writing suit because the sword reminds me of a pen. The Ace of Swords reminded me of how hard I’ve been working to use my mind to experience life in a better, richer, fuller way. I’ve said earlier, the sword is representative of the mind. Well, the mind has a habit of acting like a tape recorder. I often replay negative things that happened over and over again. Or, my mind might get stuck on a negative thought and obsess about that. I know this is not productive and I’d much rather be in charge of my thoughts than my thoughts controlling me. I’m also actively trying to live in the moment, paying attention to what is right in front of me. If I am successful at being present then my mind doesn’t have a chance replay any negative old patterns. I’m too focused on what’s going on.

Now, look at the Ace of Swords. If I can control my mind then I am like the hand on the Ace of Swords. I’ve grasped the sword victoriously. I’ve won control over my thoughts! As a result, I’m happier because I can focus on all the good. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this process has helped me become a better parent. My home life, my career, everything I experience is more vibrant, more alive and full of more joy.

Do you think it possible to gain control over your thoughts? Do you think you can improve your life based on the quality of thoughts in your head? Do you sometimes replay negative past experiences over and over again? If you could utilize your mind to its fullest potential, what do you think you could do? If you like, gaze at the Ace of Swords and imagine yourself taking control over your mind and thoughts. Imagine what victory means to you. Imagine yourself getting whatever it is you desire in your life.

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