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Seven of Wands


Activity. Movement. Engaging.

The Seven of Wands has been a tricky card for me to decipher in the past. Sevens in tarot imply Victory, so one may view this card as a triumph. The wands express fire, passion and energy. So, the essence of the Seven of Wands is the victorious combination of exhilaration and combustion. That is pretty powerful! The picture on the card leaves much open to speculation. Who is this gentleman battling and why aren’t they revealed? Is this a cruel fight between enemies or playful game amongst friends? What is that strange mountain he is standing on and does the river give way to a waterfall? One thing that can’t be denied, a lot is happening in this card.

I pulled the Seven of Wands for this past weekend. If the Seven of Wands represents energized activity, it was right on target. The weekend flew by so quickly, I did so many things, and I could barely catch my breath. I had a playdate, a bridal shower, a party, friends in from LA, a yoga class. Plus, we lost an hour due to daylight savings. Yay for sunlight! The cohesive piece of whole weekend was that I had a great time! I can’t say my energy was at full Wands capacity; I stayed out ‘till 2am Saturday night and paid the price the next morning. I was, however, surrounded with friends and family the whole weekend, I was engaged, busy and happy.

I get the sense from the Seven of Wands that although he is pictured alone on the card, he is anything but. I think the Seven of Wands has much to do with the energy exchange you engage in with other people. Just think, when you are having a fabulous day, you can’t help but lift the spirits of those you interact with. You are free with the jokes, with compliments and easy in spirit. However, isn’t it easy to make someone else feel bad when you are having a bad morning and snap at someone?

Are you aware of the influence you have over other people? When you find yourself busy, do you easily go with the flow, from one activity to the next? Do you open yourself up when you are feeling great and close off when you are felling low? If you were the person pictured in the Seven of Wands, whom do you think you’d be sparring with? Is it a playful game or more of a fight? If you are fighting, is it really worth it? Could your energy be better spent in other ways?

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