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Nine of Wands


The Underdog.

The Nine of Wands tarot card is about stepping forward into new and uncharted territory, when you are not so sure of yourself. The Nine of Wands is about having the guts and wherewithal to move forward despite fear, pain and uncertainty. Nines in tarot often mean something is about to be completed, about to become real. This particular nine resides within the realm of Wands, which represent fire, passion and energy. Drawing this tarot card insinuates something you feel quite passionate about is to become manifested in your life. This will happen as a direct result of you sticking to your guns and being fearless.

The Nine of Wands feels right on target as my tarot card of the day. In theory, a vacation leaves one rejuvenated and refreshed. I’ve just returned from a beautiful two-week frolic in LA with my daughter. I was moving full steam ahead when I left for California. I was busy practicing yoga, writing, reading cards, working every day and being a mom. I made a conscious choice to just relax while away. Now, I find myself back in New York almost afraid to pick up where I left off. Just like the figure on the Nine of Wands I am at this moment attempting to move forward, despite the fact I feel less sure of myself than before. I remind myself though, really, all I have is this moment. The work that came before is irrelevant. What matters is what I’m doing now, what you are doing now. Thank you, by the way, for reading this. I’m very happy to have you here.

What are you most passionate and excited about in life? Is it your relationships, your job, your hobbies? Is there an area where you attempt to make progress but feel a bit frightened or unsure of yourself? Sometimes passion and fear are quite interlinked. You can use the Nine of Wands as a reminder to move forward in spite of fear. You can do it! Is there anything better than a victorious underdog? I don’t think so, especially if that underdog happens to be you.

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