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Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire Episode #6: “Creepy Fingers” with Director & Actress Catherine Mary Stewart

Updated: Mar 27

What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night to a strange creature peering around your bedroom door?

Do the departed leave their energy behind?

Is artificial intelligence the new ghostly encounter?

If you were a 70’s or 80’s kid, chances are you were raised by tv and movies and you know exactly who today’s guest is. Catherine Mary Stewart taught me and millions of teenagers how to stand up for ourselves and fight our way through a zombie apocalypse, long before the WALKING DEAD was a thing. She’s the star of the epic, classic film NIGHT OF THE COMET. 

Catherine Mary Stewart began her career as the original Kayla Brady on DAYS OF OUR LIVES and went on to star in dozens of t.v. shows, and series movies such as HOLLYWOOD WIVES, THE LAST STAR FIGHTER,  and WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S.

In this episode, Catherine Mary Stewart Ghost Stories include musings on her creative inner life, and what its like to take her characters home with her.

Grab some popcorn and turn down the lights…

Cause I’m Sasha Graham and this is GHOST STORIES BY THE FIRE.

Chapter #1 Ghostly Grandfather [2:42]

Chapter #2 Outer Limits [8:01]

Chapter #3 Creepy Fingers [33:50]

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Catherine Mary Stewart:

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