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Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire Episode #12: "Seaside Terror" with Author Sarah Langan

I've heard lots of ghosty and synchronistic stories and yet I am haunted by the story Sara shares of her family's near catastrophic experience at the sea, an unfolding spatial manifestation and the all encompassing love from those who have passed over, who remain with us.

Sarah Langan is an American horror writer. Booklist calls Sarah's new novel, A Better World,  "An apocalyptic thriller that becomes more terrifying with every turn of the page."  Publisher's Weekly calls A Better World, "A deeply disturbing tale will keep readers up at night."

In today's episode os Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire, Sarah Langan talks about how she played demonic possession as a kid and her Brooklyn brownstone haunted house.


Chapter 1 Playing Exorcism [3:13]

Chapter 2 Haunted Brooklyn House [9:55]

Chapter 3 Seaside Terror [16:40]

Chapter 4 Visitation from a Future Self [27:50]

Chapter 5 Floating Head [30:24]

Episode #12 Links

Sarah's new novel:

Available at your favorite bookstore.

Sarah will be in conversation at The Strand Bookstore NYC, Monday April 15th to launch A Better World.

The Ghost Stories  theme song "Lovely," comes from the film The Deeper You Dig  by the Adams Family. This horror flick will haunt you long after it ends!

Watch now, free on Tubi:


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