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Sasha Graham's Card a Day Tarot Blog – The King of Cups

The King Of Cups

Have you ever known a King of Cups? The King of Cups as a man is a dreamer, poet, artist. He’ll whisper Platonic philosophy in your ear late at night. He will paint you like Leo painted Kate in Titanic. He listens with rapt attention to every detail of your life story. He’ll compose a song in your honor while planning an elaborate dinner where each course is delicately prepared, your specific tastes in mind. The King of Cups feels your emotions before you do. Above all, The King of Cups understands who you are.

The King of Cups in you is imagination in flight. You are capable of inspired thoughts. Ideas, images, emotions, rush like water bursting through floodgates. You have the means and scope to look at the world and feel what’s going on for others.

King of Cups perspective comes only with maturity. Children are open and naturally creative –they express their feelings for expressions sake. It would not occur to a child to repress their imagination. The King of Cups energy occurs as an adult when you have regained this child’s perspective, sense of wonder and flow.

Picasso’s famous quote “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child” expresses this theme brilliantly.

Let the King of Cups guide you when seeking creative inspiration. Each morning, lying in bed with those precious moments between snooze buttons, think King of Cups. Tell yourself you will be inspired all day. Imagine just how large the world is. The infinite possibilities your day holds. Broaden your scope. Think bigger. Imagine larger. Dream.

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