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The High Priestess

Trust Your Inner Voice

The High Priestess tarot card is one of the most powerful in the deck. One can understand The High Priestess as the gatekeeper of all hidden, inner knowledge. Have you ever heard the concept that you already know everything? That when you learn, you are actually uncovering facts you already knew? If there is any truth to that, then The High Priestess is the keeper of these facts. When you trust your instincts, when you don’t second-guess yourself, the High Priestess is at work within you. When you look approach life from a deeper perspective, you are using The High Priestess.

I chose The High Priestess as my card for the weekend and she was a welcome companion. I’ve been working on integrating a combination of The Secret and Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth into my life. They both advocate the importance of being present, living in the moment as you experience your life. I wound up spending the weekend with my in laws. Although they are lovely, it was not the sleepy, relaxing weekend I had been hoping for. Rather than feel sorry for myself, I took The High Priestess as a sign, chose to be present, not complain, and have a great weekend. As a result, I did. Sunday carried with it a new moon, this activated the inner witch in me. New moons and full moons always inspire me to do spells. The High Priestess is a powerful witch and the lunar cycle is clearly represented on her tarot card. My dreams all weekend were also especially vibrant and memorable. I associate the realm of dreams to The High Priestess too.

When you are searching or activating inner strength, you are calling upon the High Priestess. When this card appears, she is often a reminder to contemplate any question you seek an answer to because the answer already lies within you. Did you know you have the answers you seek? Have you ever has a psychic pop? That was the High Priestess too. When you learn to listen deeply to The High Priestess who resides inside of yourself, you will know more than any psychic could ever tell you! Do yourself a favor and get to know her. You won’t be sorry.

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