How to Cast a Tarot Spell

by Sasha Graham author of "The Magic of Tarot."

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Spell casting requires you to raise energy and direct it toward a specific goal. Perform a spell anywhere at any time. Cast spells inside your house, in the woods, in your yard, or at the beach. Cast spells with others or you can cast them alone. Align your spell with unique moments like new or full moon and solstices or perform them on the spot when the impulse strikes you.

It is important to let go of any expectation once you have cast the spell. The universe will always give you exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less. Just because we want something doesn’t mean it is best for us. Imagine if everything you ever wanted came true? Trust in how magic unfolds. Let go of expectation.

1. Select and write your magical goal

The spell begins the minute you decide to cast it. Write out and plan your desired intention is in advance of casting the spell. It doesn’t have to be poetic or grammatically correct. You never have to show it to anyone. The point is to get detailed. Write about how you feel, what does life look like, what do you see in your mind’s eye as your desire comes to fruition? Once you’ve described everything in detail, craft your intention into one sentence.

2. Choose location and time

Cast spells when alone and when you are least likely to be undisturbed. Spell casting is a sensual process. You will seduce yourself into the highest energetic state possible. Spells can be aligned with helpful outside forces such as the waxing moon (whose energy helps attract) and the waning moon (whose energy helps repel). Cast a spell at the stroke of midnight, twilight or sunset as the visible and invisible world intertwine.

3. Gather needed items and appropriate tarot card(s)

Tarot is ideal for spell work because of the visual component of the cards. Spells work on your subconscious just like the symbols of a tarot. Choose candles, clothing, flowers, and essential oils whose colors align with the intention of your spell.

Once you have articulated your magical goal, choose one or more tarot cards illustrating your desired goal, you will use the cards symbolically inside your spell by laying them out and entering into them to visualize your goal.

4. Ritual cleansing

A ritual salt bath, shower, or outdoor bathing is pleasurable way to prepare for your spell. Prepare a candlelit bath, throw salts, flower petals and/or herbs in the waters. If you have access to a river, pond, lake or ocean, bathing outside is an incredible way to align yourself with the natural energy of the earth. A shower simple shower is excellent as well. Imagine the waters cleaning away unneeded energies and attitudes. The water will drain any negativity and/or blocks and allow yourself to open to possibility.

5. Open sacred space

Move clockwise to open sacred space for your spell. Call to the elements, directions, and tarot suits to aid you in your spell.

6. Symbolic work, visualize & feel

Once you have officially opened the space, it is time for the action of the spell. Take your written goal and read every word. Lay out your chosen tarot cards. Imagine everything taking place and unfolding as you envision. Perform other activities or meditations if you like. Raise your energy and direct it towards your chosen goal.

7. Close

Close your sacred space as carefully as you opened it. Move counter clockwise to close the space and offer gratitude to helpful energies.

8. After the spell

Let all expectations to your end result go. Let the universe play its part. Magic often manifests in different ways than you will imagine. Don’t stand in its way and miss out because the apple you are expecting shows up as an orange.Trust and let go.

Be patient. Know that if something does not come to you there is good reason for it. The universe will always give you what you need. Watch miracles unfold. Expect the unexpected.

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