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5 Reasons We ALL Need Theresa Reed’s New Tarot Coloring Book

We tarotists understand our journey with the cards is never ending. Whether we dive deep for new meaning after years of practice or are memorizing beginner catch phrases and words, one truth remains constant. We want to keep playing with our cards!

Lucky for us, the divine Theresa Reed has been working hard to create a Tarot Coloring Book to satisfy our hunger for tarot play and thirst for deeper knowledge. The Tarot Coloring Book is hitting bookstores and websites on November 1st.


Theresa is known for being plain spoken, pragmatic and practical when it comes to tarot. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Theresa for years. She’s crazy fun, always unexpected and carries a heart of gold right next to her cards!

Theresa was kind enough to share some thoughts about why coloring tarot cards will take your practice to a whole new level. Consider yourself in brilliant hands. Theresa girl, take it away!


Five Reasons Coloring Tarot Cards Will Make All the Difference in Your Tarot Practice. By Theresa Reed

If you’ve ever wondered if coloring might make a difference in your Tarot practice, I’m here to tell you YES. It doesn’t matter if you’re a total Tarot newbie or an old hand – breaking out the crayons (or colored pencils if you prefer) and coloring ‘em in will give you a whole new understanding of the cards…and a few other surprising benefits.

Here are the five reason why you may want to start coloring Tarot cards:

1. Coloring is meditative.

Look around any bookstore and you’ll see rows upon rows of coloring books. Adult coloring books are hot now – and many people report that it’s a form of therapy ( books-how-childhood-pastime-helps-adults-356280). Coloring helps to relax your mind. And here’s how that can help your Tarot practice: the best Tarot readings happen when the reader is in a calm mindset. Many professional Tarot readers have a daily meditation practice because they know how important it is for their work. Start coloring and you’ll find that it’s a perfect way for you to get into that meditative mindset too. (Psst…getting your Zen on also leads to intuitive hits.)

2. Coloring your Tarot cards is an experiential way to grasp the meanings of the cards. 

I’ve never been one of those people that learns well by listening. (Reason why: I have issues with my hearing.) For me, I learn best by doing. I’m not the only one. Many people find that hands-on is the best way to “get something.” If you’ve ever struggled to remember the interpretations, coloring may help you to master them once and for all!

3. Unique and personal interpretations begin bubble up.

Here’s why: as you begin to relax, your mind may begin to “see” new interpretations, ones that are aligned with your voice or philosophy. This will give your readings your own flavor rather than a carbon copy of every other reader out there.

4. You notice details that you may have missed.

For example: the snail on the Nine of Pentacles, the fish leaping out of the water on the King of Cups, or the battle scene in the Seven of Swords. This might give you additional – or deeper – interpretations.

5. Understand how important tarot colors actually are.

We often gloss over that part but colors have meanings too. Red is passion, blue is peace, and silver is illumination. As you color in the cards, suddenly the significance of those colors begin to come alive…and so do your readings.

Bonus #6.  It’s fun.

Why not take a playful approach and indulge your inner child? Get your crayons out and enjoy this pleasurable, relaxing – and educational – activity today!


Theresa Reed

Thanks Theresa.

We can’t wait for your book!

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