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Witchin 'n Bitchin About the Magic of Tarot

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

I can and will witch and bitch all night long so when the Darryn and Vicki asked me back their show I hopped on my broomstick faster than a trick-or-treater ringing doorbells on Halloween.

In this podcast, we chat about:

~ Why YOU are a supernatural creature.

~ How to bring tarot into the body.

~ Why people separates Magic and Tarot as two separate things (they AREN'T!)

~ How to enter the world of the suits.

~ Why journaling is important.

~ Shadow tarot work around romance and your love life.

In this episode, we interview return guest and Tarot Diva, Sasha Graham, about her latest book 'The Magic of Tarot'.

Empower your intuition, dive into your dreams, and get to the heart of the matter with this fantastic guide to creating a marvelous, magical tarot practice. Bestselling author and tarot expert Sasha Graham shows you how to bring tarot into daily life with easy-to-use exercises, spreads, and prompts.

The Magic of Tarot opens your eyes to a richer, more enlightened style of divination. Sasha encourages you to flex your intuitive muscles, confidently use tarot magic and spells, and perform readings for other people. She also walks you through all the card meanings, introduces you to dream and shadow work, helps you interpret colors, numbers, and patterns, and so much more. This book lets you fearlessly jump in and enjoy magical experiences that you’ll never forget.

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