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Win a VIP Ticket to Tarotpalooza & the Practical Magic of a Daily Tarot Practice


Head over to my Instagram for your chance to win a VIP ticket to Tarotpalooza. Winner selected and announced on Thursday, June 18th at 12pm EST on Instagram! Go here to register for the first-ever TAROTPALOOZA and join me, and several masters of the divinatory arts, for a virtual weekend of fun-filled exploration and enlightening discovery. It takes place June 27 & 28 and it’s live, interactive, and online so you can join in, learn and mingle right from home! If you were ever curious about Tarot and its history, or if you want to strengthen your skills as a reader, you’ll want to be part of this unique and memorable experience. Grab your spot now while you can. (VIP tickets are almost gone!) I can’t wait to see you there! P.S. There will be interactive teachings, readings, channeled guidance, games and GIVEAWAYS! PLUS, look for the rare opportunity to book a personal 1-1 reading with me when you register. But hurry because tickets are going fast! There is an inherent magic to a daily tarot practice. The beauty of this ultimate act of self care lay in its simplicity. No advance experience or deep spiritual practice is required because you already are a spiritual creature. You are the sorceress who has created the reality you inhabit. Tarot helps you become your own guru because each card acts as a gate into your subconscious and intuition. The Practical Magic of a Daily Tarot Practice

How to Cultivate a Daily Practice

1. Find a tarot deck who’s art you love. Thousands of themed tarot decks exist and when you discover a deck that speaks to you, you’ll return again and again. Metaphysical shops often offer card bars where you can flip through decks and the internet makes it easy to look for art and images you’ll fall in love with. Smudge your new deck by passing each card through a stream of incense smoke. 2. Carve out a daily routine with the cards. Choose a time of day to pull a single card. Many cartomancers choose to pull a card with their morning coffee or tea. This is helpful as the entire day lay ahead of you and you can observe the theme of your cards playing out as you move through the experience of your day. 3. Clear your mind. Allow all outside stresses and influence to slip away. Focus on your breath. Take thirty to sixty seconds to move within and discover what it is you need for the day. 4. Contemplate a question. The magic of tarot springs from the crafting of questions. An excellent question puts your brain on the quest for the best answer. A card’s image will often spark the perfect solution you’ve been searching for. Craft a question before you pull a card. Questions like: “What do I need to know?” “What should I focus on today?” or “How can I reach my highest potential today?” 4. Choose a card. Shuffle any way you like or spread all the cards face down on the table before you. Pull a single card. 5. Cultivate the meaning of the card. Allow the images of the card to wash over you. How do you feel looking at the image? What is the story playing across the card? Go deeper and look at the symbol calling to your attention. Allow the symbol to provide you with an answer to your question. Articulate your message by writing it down. Revisit the card and your message later in the evening before bed. Reflect of any intuitive pops or further understandings you gained. Sleep well and repeat in the morning with a new card and question.

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