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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – The Moon Tarot Card Equals Disturbia

You ever pace the house late at night, toss and turn in your sleep, feel something inside gnawing away at you? You peer out your window, the landscape softly caressed by the moon gentle glow. Your mind flooded with images and thoughts you know you shouldn’t be thinking. Wringing your hands, you close the curtains and throw your head under a pillow. To no avail, the moon’s light creeps upon you, poking you, prodding you. The next morning, under the light of day, you wonder what all that angst was about.

The Moon Tarot card is sandwiched between two very optimistic cards, The Star and The Sun. The Moon card stands as a reminder that your murky subconious is alive and well even – in the best of times. Your innermost thoughts, feelings and images that dwell there sometimes rise to the surface. The Moon Card represents your sensitivity with the crawfish rising from the pool of your subconcious.

In its most positive light, The Moon tarot card is a reminder to pay attention to your dreams, intuition and imagination. Within The Moon’s darker side lies confusion, unstability and things not appearing normally. The good news is, like the moon’s phases, as the moon waxes and wanes, whatever the issue at hand, it will soon be over.

Rihanna’s fierce Disturbia video is a perfect example of the Moon Tarot card’s darker aspects. Take a peek and watch how the Moon Card can make even the most sane person go absolutely crazy!

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