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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Embracing Autumn Esoterica

Funny how the signs of fall surprise you, even when you know its coming. Smoke in the air, symphonies of leaves, saturated colors, dramatic sky. Fall, above all others, is the season the witch. Season of tarot reading, fortune-telling and soothsaying.

Fall feels like falling … in love.

Its dripping, draping and oozing all over New York City.

Spooky. Gothic. Sexy. Supernatural. Not quite human. Putting on my leather boots, black liner, loads of lashes and prowling with you.

Let’s pull cards ~ for darkness ~ for you ~ your supernatural self.

Don’t wait for someone to tell you your destiny. Create your own.

Let’s read tarot in a museum. Speak starlight with Van Gogh. Dialogue into darkness with Rembrandt. Activate abstraction with Pollack.

Hop on our brooms and fly to a cathedral. What does the pew say? Does the buttress whisper? Stained glass glows only for you, what does it want you to see? Pull a card. Light a candle. Embody a saint. Pray as if your life depended on it.

Take our tarot to a graveyard. Speak with the dead. Trade secrets with a gargoyle. Create a deck of cards from grave rubbings. Bury ourselves in dirt. Haunt every house.

Deal your cards but read them in reverse. Rearrange your past. Read tarot naked. Move beneath throbbing strobe lights. Invoke the goddess with your hips. Become the baseline.

The world is whispering. Don’t stop divining at cards. Ask the wind for an answer. Let birds be your guides. Invoke sacred space. Everywhere.

Embrace your destiny. Be your best psychic. Weave your own fortune.

My wish for you this fall is simple …

Be the magic you are!

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