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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Star Card and Healing Haiti

The Star Tarot card. . . hope . . . rejuvination . . . inspriration . . . healing. Qualities the ravaged people of Haiti are in dire need of.

My mother, a nurse, flew to Haiti four days ago. She keeps in touch with daily texts. Last night she sent a message at 3:45 am. Her team is short on supplies. Earthquake victims, fearing the constant aftershocks, refuse to enter the hospital for fear it will crumble. Unable to ease their pain with medication, unable to heal her patients, she comforts them by being present. Letting them know they are not alone.

She writes, “It is so hard. No words . . . tremors still. Patients are now afraid of the hospital. We are outside. They are all around the ground. I hold our love dearly. I am okay. It is actually simple. It is tragic and being present may be all, may be everything we can do.”

Be present.

Her words are a lesson we can all take to heart. It is also the lesson of The World card.

Be present.

A goal of any spiritual practice, Tarot or otherwise, is to get over our own internal drama. Doing so, we can be there for others.

Be present.

Being present in our lives, not trapped in our heads, we embody The Star card. Removed from internal drama, we become available to those around us. Available to our friends, our lovers, our children. We may make to make our community a better place. We may vote for change. We may even pick up and fly into the face of catasrophe to heal those in need.

Tonight I pray for my mother’s safe return, for the victims in Haiti and everywhere a voice cries out in pain.

And I dedicate the Star Card to my mother . . .

I am speechless, in awe of your brilliance.

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