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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Six of Swords

The Six of Swords


Of all of the journey cards in the tarot deck, I enjoy the one depicted on the Six of Swords the most. I find this picture so evocative. One can hear the soft rippling of water, the steady row of the oar, the trusted silence of the mother and child on the boat. At once it feels silent, yet hopeful. I think better times lie do ahead on the distant shore. I am nothing if not an optimist.

So, how will this hushed passage play out in my day? Would I be heading towards Jersey via water taxi? Doubtful. Unexpected trip on the QE2? I wish. What about Venice? C’mon, it looks like a gondola! No, this card, like others, would show itself in a subtle yet meaningful way. I always like to recall that the name for all the sixes in the minor arcana is Beauty. If you were to take the sixes out of the deck you will notice how lovely and sweet they are. Stark comparison to the severity if the fives. Fives in Tarot tend to be quite challenging cards.

I look at the swords stuck on the boat and remember swords represent the intellect, reasoning and mind. I have been thinking of Tarot in a very practical way as of late. I read cards for a living. I sit and advise total strangers on their hopes, problems and dreams. It stands to reason that I have the power to use Tarot to its full advantage when figuring out my own life. Don’t they say doctors make the worst patients? I’m always pulling cards to answer small questions. Am I missing something greater? Couldn’t I be using them to create exactly the life I want? Deep down, I know I can. The big trick is figuring out exactly what it is I want.

Skeptics of Tarot will say if a person wants to believe in something enough they will find meaning anywhere. A person goes to a psychic and wants to be amazed. They will disregard four incorrect statements by the psychic and latch on to one thing that is true. Well, I want to believe in my cards. At any given time, every image, every message in any card is true because he entire deck is comprised to illuminate a person’s journey through life.

This has been an odd week with a wicked full moon. The Six of Swords appeared to remind me of my journey. There’s my husband rowing, myself wrapped in a cloak and my little girl next to me. There is no doubt we are moving forward. I know we are. I just need to peer through those swords, fix my gaze on the distant shore and decide exactly where we want to land.

What figure would you be on the card? If you were inside this card, who would the other figures be? What do you think the water may represent? Are the figures running away from something or are they traveling for pleasure? Why do you think the larger seated figure is heavily cloaked? How does this card apply to you, your life and your own journey?

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