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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – Five of Swords

Five of Swords

Conflict. Mind. Intellect. Reasoning.

Assuming you pick daily Tarot cards, a practice I highly recommend, the big question is what to do and how to feel when a tough card appears. The Five of Swords is the perfect example of this. I, and most readers I know, have no problem assuming the qualities of The World, The Sun, The Three of Cups or any other upbeat card when pulled. There are tougher cards, however, I’d rather not carry with me through my day. The Five of Swords is one of them. The Five of Swords suggests a situation where someone is being taken advantage of. The fives in Tarot are notoriously tough, sort of the middle act of a three-act play, the moment everything is left hanging.

The Five of Swords appeared for me yesterday and I looked past the cruel image depicted on the card. I reminded myself that Swords in Tarot represent air, the mind, reasoning and the intellect. Fives also represent the midway point of a journey. I have been working like crazy this week, pushing my business and myself further. I let the Five of Swords remind me that I’m half way where I want to be. The card told me to keep working, thinking, and forging ahead.

Then, I took the lesson of the Five of Swords one step further. I have a fabulous four-year-old daughter. The scene depicted on the Five of Swords looks suspiciously like a situation that could easily appear on a playground or at school recess. The Five of Swords reminded me to have conversation with her about the importance of sharing, standing up for oneself and not putting others down in order to make yourself feel good.

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