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The Chariot Tarot Card

Movement. Swiftness. Being in the driver’s seat.

Would you like a fun little meditation? Look at the Chariot card for a moment. Close your eyes and imagine yourself being in the driver’s seat of a vehicle. You can literally build it around you. Does the vehicle smell of leather; does it have that new car smell? Is the vehicle old or new? Maybe it is not even a vehicle but a horse, a camel or a dinosaur. It doesn’t matter. Are there people with you or alone? What is the weather like outside of your car? What music is playing on the radio? Now, imagine yourself moving forward. When you are done, come back and gaze at the card. You can use what you’ve just imagined to give yourself a little boost if you’d like. You can do this in the morning before you get out of bed. Use it however you like.

Okay, I feel like I am always drawing the Chariot! When looking at the face of this card I’m reminded I’m moving forward whether I want to or not. Now, in life, we are always moving ahead. Forward in our march to the grave but that’s to dark. Let’s not go there. Let’s focus on the life we are creating for ourselves. One can choose to sit on the couch, eating chips and watching movies all day, choose to quit your job and move to another country, choose to mosey along at your normal pace. The Chariot card never judges your actions. The Chariot only reminds us that we are always moving. We are always going somewhere and each choice, action or inaction contains within it consequence.

My day felt Chariot-like and was quite busy and I did get a ton accomplished. I did yoga, wrote, spent time with my daughter, made dinner, did two tarot readings, hung out with an old friend and went to Tarot class.

On a very obvious level, The Chariot is also reminding me of something that I’m terrified of. This year is my twenty-year anniversary of living in New York City. I never got my driver’s license. I never needed it living here. Last year, we got a car and a weekend house. I’m supposed to get my learner’s permit so I can start learning how to drive but I’m super scared to learn how to drive. Especially, now that I have a daughter who will be in the backseat. Still, I have to get my license and I have to get it before summer. Okay Chariot card. I’ll take the hint!

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