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Nine of Cups

The Wish Card

Ha! I drew this card a few days ago. If you didn’t read last Friday’s entry I’ll fill you in. I think the Nine of Cups means you will get what you want. Simply, think of a wish; believe it and it will come true. When I pulled the Nine of Cups on Friday, in a funny, unexpected way, my wish did come true. I also reminded everyone to always have a few good wishes handy.

I was hysterical when I pulled this card again, but could I follow my own advice? My whole point about having wishes and dreams handy, keeping them in mind, letting them live just below the surface is important. The more one can imagine what they would like to have in life, the closer they are to actually creating it for themselves. The quicker they will guide themselves toward it.

There is probably inherent danger is assigning only one meaning to a tarot card. Each card carries with it an infinite amount of meaning, If not, the study of Tarot would be pointless. One could memorize the meanings and be finished. Still, I like the idea of keeping the Nine of Cups as a strictly wish card.

So, once again, I sat there with the Nine of Cups staring up at me. If I could have any wish come true, what would it be? I settled on a trip to Europe again. We’ve been kicking around the idea and I’m dying to get back there. So there I have it. A trip! Oh, and I threw in the fact that I want live closer to my mom and sister. Attached an amendment to my wish. Why not? It’s my wish anyway.

Uh, oh. Guess what I did? Like a moron, as I went about my day, I was waiting for some amazing trip to appear. I really expected something to materialize out of thin air and drop in my lap. By 4:00pm I was a little annoyed nothing had happened. I went to Tarot class that night and I finally put the whole wish business out of my mind. I got home after an enlightening three hours studying the Empress card. The Empress, by the way, for my money, is the Madonna card. The singer, not the Jesus, Mary and Joseph Madonna. More on the Empress when I pull her one day. She is fabulous!

Arriving home after class, I returned to the computer and booked a trip to visit my sister in LA. I’d been planning this trip for a while but had postponed getting my tickets. I always hesitate when it comes to spending a lump sum of money. Issues! I’ll cover money issues when a Pentacle card appears.

Lesson? The moment I let go of my expectation of some magical trip falling in my lap, I went ahead and booked my own trip. Not to Europe but to sunny southern California. I’m not one to be picky. Would I have gotten those tickets if traveling hadn’t strongly been on my mind? Who knows? Point is, I think making your dreams come true is an awful lot like finding and falling in love. You have to put it out there and then forget about it. Easier said then done. It’s very true nonetheless.

By the way, as I tootled around the Internet for a few minutes I did come across a Tarot school set in the heart of Tuscany. Coincidence? I think not . . .

As an experiment, pretend you’ve pulled the Nine of Cups for yourself today and I’m your Tarot reader and I’m telling you, “Your wish is going to come true.” First, see if you can really believe it. Then, really think about what you wish is. You can think about it, write about it, meditate on it, whatever you want to do. Then, forget about it and see what happens. Notice if there are any strange synchronicities in your 24 hours. If something interesting happens, please post a comment about it. I’d love to hear what happens for you. Good luck!

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