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The King of Wands


Explosive Energy. Great Passion. Heat.

One evening, a few weeks ago, relaxing in our living room, my husband mentioned he smelled smoke. No sooner the words passed his juicy lips, we heard the sirens and fire trucks. Peeking out our back window, we saw smoke rising from the building across our back alley. Firemen armed with flashlights, looking like an army of Batmen, scurried over the fire escapes and roofs. We gasped as an explosion of fire and flames shot up towards the sky. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was an inferno, 200 feet from my living room! Within ten minutes, the brilliant FDNY had the fire extinguished and we never even had to evacuate. Later that night, I pulled a card on the fire. Why had it happened? The card I drew was the King of Wands.

The King of Wands was the perfect card to pull in reference to an actual explosion. The suit of Wands is fire, passion, energy and heat. Whenever you pull a Wand card, these elements are at play. The King is the highest card you can get in the suit of Wands so he refers to something pretty major, like a three alarm fire that calls out forty firemen and shuts down a city block. Students of Qabala will note, Tarot kings are all placed of the expansive, explosive side of the Tree of Life.

What does this mean to you and me? Certainly, an actual fire won’t break out whenever the King of Wands is drawn. We can, however, use a fiery explosion as a metaphor for the power and passion this King possesses. As King, he has the strength of fire and is able to command it at his will. We know fire can sustain life or destroy life, so too the King of Wands has the power to nourish or destroy.

Ever hear the expressions “hot under the collar”, “all heated up” or “hot and bothered”? Here’s a King who is quickly excitable and immediately, results are seen. Can you recall a time when just glancing at someone fills your whole body with heat? A time when you are so excited about the project you are working on, your hands can’t move fast enough to complete it, you are filled with explosive energy? Have you ever been so angry you thought your head might explode? Have you ever suffered a sever sunburn? An extremely high fever? These are all excellent examples of King of Wands energy.

When the King of Wands appears in a spread or as your card of the day, keep a keen lookout for how his incendiary energy is appearing in your life. Passion, excitement and energy is essential but must be nurtured with care. Too much can destroy and to little can barely ignite a candle. Try to nuture your fires so they are continually warming all aspects of your life without overtaking them. Then, from time to time, if there’s a little flare up, enjoy it!

As a side note, two weeks later, another fire broke out on my block. This one sent me running out of my building and I watched as it was quickly put out. When I pulled a card on it, who do you think appeared? The Knight of Wands!

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