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Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire Podcast Episode #3 "Lola of the Lake" with Susan Wands, Actress & Author

Updated: Feb 7

Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire

Episode #3: Lola of the Lake

Guest: Susan Wands, Author & Actor

Dive deep into the heart of any ghost story and its subtext reveals the same truth. Life after death exists. And there is an enduring love connection to those who knew and know us. But that doesn't make hauntings any more comfortable or fun.

Susan Wands is a writer, tarot reader, and actress. She's worked on Broadway in films and regional theater for over 30 years. She's the co-chair of the New York City chapter of the historical Novel Society, and her third book in her series about Pamela Coleman Smith titled Emperor and Higher Offend, will be published in 2025. She is also one of my dearest friends in this expansive episode, we talk about the psychic link and unique childhood language between Susan and her identical twin sister, Cynthia.

Her witchy board-playing grandmother and a dead relative known as Lola of the Lake. Susan chats about the ghost of the Belasco Theater. Why King James of England began burning witches and how Susan herself had a near-death experience in which her father brought her back using a pack of cherry lifesavers.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or something stronger and get ready for a wonderful conversation about the unknown.

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