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The Queen of Pentacles

Goddess of the House and Home.

Ahhhh, the Queen of Pentacles. Being a wife and mother I have a special fondness in my heart for this particular queen. The Queen of Pentacles is the homemaker; she represents fertility in all areas and is the ideal mother and wife (whatever that may mean to you). She is Martha Stewart without any hard edges. The mother with endless patience, a master gardener, an amazing cook. The Queen of Pentacles understands how to use what is around her; she brings out the best in what is close to her. She resides in the realm of Pentacles and Pentacles always represent earthly things, objects that surround you, things you can touch, even your body. Glance at the Queen of Pentacles tarot card and you see the landscape surrounding her is plush, rich and fertile.

Whenever I receive the Queen of Pentacles for my card of the day, I am reminded of my role as wife, mother, chef, gardener, hostess. These are all roles that I enjoy, although not all the time and not always all at once. The Queen of Pentacles reminds me that I have the ability to do one or all of these things in an amazing way. She reminds me that just by existing on the earth I can help foster the growth of things around me. The herbs in my garden grow, regardless of my presence. Nature certainly doesn’t need me to work it’s magic, but with my attention I can weed and water and help them grow stronger. Then, I can take the same herbs and use them to create a fabulous meal that makes friends, family and myself really happy. The Queen of Pentacles reminds me that I can make the world a much better place for being here.

You don’t have to be a housewife in order to utilize the Queen of Pentacles’ energy or her lessons. How do you manipulate the physical objects in world around you? Do you find any magic in making things beautiful? In what areas in your life are you looking for fertility, where are you looking for growth? Imagine yourself as the Queen of Pentacles, imagine allowing beauty in your life to grow, to foster on it’s own without forcing it. You just help guide it along. You and your life are sheer beauty. You are the Queen of Pentacles.

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