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New Three-Card Tarot Spread with Music.

I was fooling around yesterday with the Tarot and came up with a great spread. This may not work for everyone, but if you are musically inclined, you might really enjoy this. It also works well as Tarot contemplation. In a contemplation, you gaze at the cards, without forcing an answer. Open yourself up quietly, let the message arrive slowly. Music is a wonderful way of arousing the subconscious and you may be surprised at the outcome from this three-card spread.

My Sting playlist was on the ipod as I was pulling cards when an idea struck me. Why not combine songs and tarot cards? You must be sure to set the ipod to a random shuffle so you don’t know what song will play. Play music you feel emotionally attached to, music you are intimate with. In my case I used Sting. Sting works beautifully as his lyrics always contain stories, parables. His songs are like tarot cards, worlds on to themselves. If you happen to have access to the actual lyrics to your songs, all the better. By combining the two I received a powerful reading!

Select your playlist and put the setting on shuffle, then shuffle your tarot cards. Place three cards in front of you, face down. I used the following questions for each card:

Tarot Card 1 – What Do I Need To Know Right Now?

Tarot Card 2 – What Will Result Because I Now Know This?

Tarot Card 3 – Final Note.

Hit play on your music, listen to what song comes on and then turn over your first card. Find the answer to your first question. For the duration of the song, listen and gaze at your card. How does the song affect the message from your tarot card? Does your random song’s lyrics match the card’s meaning or contradict it? Spend the duration of the song absorbed in your card and let your mind go where it needs to. When the second song comes on flip over your second card and so on.

You may want to record your reading in a notebook. I found the music added a deeper dimension to the reading. It was uncanny the way each card’s meaning was supported by the song that played with it. It was a rich and visceral experience. I hope you enjoy it to. Have a great day!

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