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New Moon in the Midst of Covid-19

The Moon Card from Dark Wood Tarot

Today is the March’s New Moon.

Feeling a little weird? Yeah, me too. It’s not like you were ever normal to begin with. But this? This is the hardest, heaviest stuff many of us will collectively and individually ever face. This is the life-may-never-go-back-to-normal-as-we-know it weird.

But let’s be honest.

Was our “normal” of the last few years so great?

Is not going back to normal such a terrible thing?

The Moon is the card of myth and monster. It is your psychic altered state, your deepest internal landscape. Vampires linger, shadows creep, and werewolves howl.

Glowing, fuzzy moonlight gifts us with the space for our eyes to adjust while new qualities and potentials emerge. Our instinct is to fear the unknown. Moonlight softens the edges for the things too scary to look at in broad daylight.

The Moon recalls dreamlike visions passing through your imagination. Spells are cast. Devils leap over dancing flames. Intense psychic energy grows strong inside you. Dark prophesies are uttered amidst pandemic declarations. What are you to do?

The Moon circles the earth. Its cycles echo the transitory nature of human life, menstrual cycles, and nature of all things inhabiting the visible and invisible world. Life, the universe, we are in a constant state of flow.

The Moon’s nature of flux is an eloquent reminder ~ that no matter we face, given time, it will change. No circumstance lasts forever. Good, bad, or indifferent. Life’s nature and the psyche’s energy hustles and flows like foamy ocean tides.

“Yes,” the Moon says, “Things get weird, scary. The unknown is terrifying. Unimaginable things occur. But not forever. Nothing lasts forever. The important question is, how will you respond?”

The Moon allows you to embrace your weirdness. Embrace the scariest, squirmiest part of yourself. Sit with it.

This strange portal of time is an opening.

Be awkward.

Be vulnerable.

Be uncomfortable.

Be excited.

Be depressed.

Be pro-active.

Be smart.

Be compassionate.

Be with whatever comes up for you.

Confront the monsters you normally push away.

Cause, right now, it’s moonlight 24 hours a day.

And if you don’t do it now, then when?

Massive gratitude to the doctors, nurses, transit workers, police, firemen and people who are putting their lives on hold to show up and do their jobs.

We see you, you inspire us to be better ourselves.

Thank you!

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