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How to Use, Cast and Craft "The Magic of Tarot" by Sasha Graham on Dream Power Radio

Sasha Graham explains her book, "The Magic of Tarot" on Dream Power Radio with Debbie Weisman.

In this interview, Sasha answers these questions and more:

~ What is magic?

~ Why are there so many different tarot decks?

~ How to pick the right tarot deck?

~ How to know if a tarot deck is "speaking" to you?

~ Tarot and the Dream Occaculum?

~ Tarot and dreamwork?

~ How to keep a tarot journal?

~ Dream journaling?

~ Why sketching a tarot card is a form of contemplative meditation?

~ How to pick a tarot card-a-day?

~ How to read a tarot card when you are beginning?

~ Who is in charge of your tarot practice? (hint - it's YOU)

~ How to ask tarot the BEST questions and get enchanted results?

~ What is a tarot spell?

~ How to cast a tarot spell?

~ How to seduce your magical self?

~ How to cast a love & romance spell with tarot?

~ Why it is a good thing when a magic spell doesn't work?

~ Can you use tarot for cursing and hexing?


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