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Tarot & Choice: Heeding the High Priestess

Is it possible to root deep inside the magic of transformation,

to move into the heart of the shadow,

and become proactive in a moment of unfolding devastation?

Yes. It. Is.

Two of Swords from the Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham, Illustrated by Abigail Larson

Tarot, no matter how the cards are used, is a tool for two essential things:

1. Tarot is a tool for conversation.

2. Tarot is a tool for creating space.

We have the opportunity to mine wisdom, shine magic and create powerful tools for those who need it desperately. We can become close and present for people, communities and places of crisis.

We can step outside the river of events to plant deeply into what is happening.

We can find stillness.

1. Set forth Intention.

2. Trust.

3. Let go of any perceived control over our results.

Tarot teaches us to look through the veneer of pentacles, to move past the surface appearance of race and gender so we can peer objectively at what is manifesting before our eyes.

The Fool reminds us of the fresh opportunity embedded within every unfolding second.

High Priestess is the calling.

Magician is the ability to channel power.

Empress reflects creative resources at our fingertips.

Emperor helps us create powerful habits and structures.

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