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Gothic Torture Tarot Spread

Today, May 22nd, is World Goth Day!

It inspired a spread from my newest book, 365 Tarot Spreads. 

Gothic Torture Spread


Explore transcendent themes of darkness as expressed by gothic culture. Curl up in a castle, befriend the shadows, bask in the moonlight and embrace the gloaming of your soul with a sublime tarot spread:

1. Grotesque: What truth have I distorted?

2. Horror: What scares me?

3. Romance: What excites me?

4. Curse: What plagues me?

5. Ghostly: What haunts me?

6. Mysterious: What mystery must be unraveled?

7. Desolate: What makes me feel bleak and empty?

8. Death: What has been lost?

9. Angst: What hope fills me with the sense of overcoming the uselessness of this situation?

10. Creativity: What makes my darkness so beautiful?

Cast your cards in the shape of an ankh, an ancient symbol of life:


3.             5.

2.             6.


    1.                      8.



Find this spread and 364 more in my new book:

The image of the Lovers comes from Ian DanielsThe Tarot of Vampyres.

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