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As Above, So Below and Viral Magical Blessings

“May the magic in your world leap into your heart like drops of fire and pulse through your veins making you feel just so good to be alive.” – Barbara Moore

2016 Reader’s Studio attendees will well remember Barbara’s exceptional master class on the art of magical blessings. Barbara’s recent blog struck me deeply. It offers a proactive solution in confusing times. It inspired me and I’ve included her words at the end of my post.

The last few weeks have been unimaginably challenging. The magical practitioner recognizes that anger and rage holds the same destructive power ~ no matter which side of the political spectrum one rests on. As above, so below.

The looming question? How do I counter the grief and anger that wells up with each disturbing headline?  How can I make a difference amidst the complexity? How do I clear a path toward peace, protection and respect for all people?

Each of us, holds a key. This key strikes at the core of the magician’s work. As above, so below.

For example, most of us have lived long enough to observe people we know repeat the patterns of those who came before.  Well-meaning, sensitive, smart individuals vowed never to act like their parents. But repetition occurs, the abused becomes the abuser, when people seek to fix external aspects of the problem rather than internal.

If anger, pain and grief is not dealt with on an internal level, it continues to thrive. It simply takes on a different external appearance. This is the trick and illusion of the material/physical/pentacle world. As above, so below.

The child of strict, rule bearing parents, grows up plagued by feelings of helplessness. They vow to do the opposite with their own children. They parent on the polar opposite side of the spectrum, imposing zero parental limits on their child. But the child’s end result remains the same. Given no limits, the child feels as helpless and as out of control as the parent-child who was forced to live with imposing rules. The paradigm flips but the outcome is the same. As above, so below.

To counter the internal grief, angst and anger of each morning’s disturbing headlines, I have vowed to acts of proactivity until my anger and/or fear is replaced with peace. As above, so below.

Some days I make financial contributions to charity. Other days, I write emails or make phone calls to politicians. Each and every day, I attempt acts of kindness to counter my angst. New York City’s pedestrian lifestyle offers ample opportunity to pass random smiles, hold someone’s gaze a few extra moments in kindness or make a joke.


Laughter is sacred, it breaks barriers and opens us up. Kindness is a drop in the pond. Love counts. Its ripple effects are infinite. 

Above all,  I am deeply listening. It is what we Tarot Readers do so well. It is the best thing I can come up with for now. It is what Tarot has taught me. Tarot teaches us to listen and observe. To look past the external and see beneath the veil. As above, so below.

Barbara Moore shares her recent experience. If you like it, please click on her bog and share her virtual blessing:

From Barbara Moore’s Tarot Shaman Blog :

“I had a really amazing experience last night and even in the midst of it, I knew I wanted to share it with you.

In the face of overwhelming headlines about the state of our world, it can be hard to know what to do to make a difference. Over the past few years, I’ve found little ways to make if not big differences at least small differences that could yield larger resonances. 

For the past 6 weeks or so, I’ve begun a little blessing practice. With all the fear, hate, and anxiety coursing through our society, I knew I couldn’t gather everyone into my arms and hold them to my heart until they calmed down. Instead, before going to bed, I bless my neighborhood and everyone in it. Each night it is different and I never know ahead of time what the blessing will be. Inspiration always came, like some wise and caring being whispering in my ear. Even though no one hears the blessing, it feels like some of the most powerful work I’ve ever done. 

What was different about last night is that after I finished the blessing but was still looking out of the window, I saw a car driving out of the neighborhood. As it was driving away, I immediately thought toward the people in the car “and you, you are taking this blessing with you and spreading it wherever you go; it is going viral.” 

Now the magical practitioner in me rose up all ethical and judgmental saying, “It is bad enough that you are blessing people without their permission, but now sending it out into the world like a virus…not cool!” But whatever. It felt right. If felt powerful. It felt like it came from my heart and from something/someone more than just me. 

In addition, it was a really cool blessing. Some that are whispered to me are more poetic than others. Here it is and I give it to you, too. Feel free to spread it or any other blessing. How often do you get a gift idea that is free and actually gets bigger, better, and shinier the more it is shared?

“May the magic in your world leap into your heart like drops of fire and pulse through your veins making you feel just so good to be alive.”

And here is a special additional blessing for you, my friends:

“May you move through this season with ease and grace, as a walking blessing to the whole world.”

Thank you Barbara Moore for your beautiful post.

And thank you for reading this entry.

May you be filled with laughter, love and joy so that the extraneous falls into the compost making way for a new, stunning reality for all of us. #peace #joy #love

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