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10 Reasons Tarot Magic is Super Effective and How to Make it Work for You

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

By Sasha Graham

Originally published Oct. 11th, 2021 in the Llewellyn Journal.

Tarot magic is an effective way to enhance your life in mind bending and satisfying ways. It will bring you into alignment with your highest self and deepest wisdom. Casting a tarot spell is sensual and fun. It requires you raise energy and direct to toward a specific goal. Learn simple and effective ways of creating personal tarot rituals and mysterious spells in my new book,"The Magic of Tarot."

Here are 10 reasons tarot magic is super effective:

1. Tarot Magic is Simple

Easy enchantments are often the most effective. The energy moves in a clear, direct manner. There’s no need to complicate spells. Magic isn’t about impressing others. True magic helps up evolve into who we were always meant to be. Elegant magic can be cast by clearing the mind, focusing on the breath, and casting your gaze into a single tarot card. Chose a card to signify your magical goal. Bring a soft focus to your eyes. Gaze into the card. Imagine your desired outcome.

2. Tarot Contains Everything Required for a Spell

Casting spells might feel intimidating at first. The mechanical aspects of gathering ingredients for a spell, while pleasant, can be time consuming. Luckily for you, everything you need for casting a spell already exists inside the cards.

Traditional spell casting has you activate the four elements or directions. Tarot’s four element are reflected in the four aces; Earth = Ace of Pentacles, Air = Ace of Swords, Fire = Ace of Wands, Water = Ace of Cups. Pull out the four aces from your tarot deck and use them to activate sacred, ritualistic space.

3. Tarot is Visual

Tarot speaks via symbol. Symbolic language enters the subconscious directly. This is why vision boards work so well. To cast a spell, the first step is using your imagination to clearly visualize your goal. Which tarot card does your end goal look like? Choose an aligning card for your spell. Looking for a romantic partner? Grab the Lovers. Desire financial abundance? Invest in the King of Pentacles. Want to travel? Turn to the Chariot card. Once you are clear about your magical goal, activate the energies you will need to obtain that outcome. These exist inside the deck too. Want to boost your sexual attraction? Find the Queen of Wands. Require extra charisma to land the job of your dreams? Pull the Magician. The card’s keywords will tell you what their magical powers are.

4. Tarot Interrupts Negative Thought Patterns

We must have a firm grasp upon the nature of our mind in order to change our reality. In order to avoid negative thought spirals, it is helpful to become aware of a harmful or dark thought when it pops up. The act of noticing a harmful or detractive thought is the first step in putting space between the thought and your inner self. Tarot takes heavy and confusing ideas, issues, and thoughts out of your head and puts them on the table in front of you. When you cast cards in a tarot spread, you can examine your life from a bird’s eye view. This way you can choose how to respond rather than unconsciously reacting to challenges.

5. Formulating a Tarot Question is a Magical Act

Powerful questions are magical because they set you on a direct course of discovery. A good question opens possibility and fosters flow. It helps you operate toward your highest potentials thus moving you toward desirable experiences. Good questions acknowledge the role you play in your future. Always create questions for your cards starting with “How can I …” or “What can I…”

Enhance your magical questions by including your intended outcome. For example, are you looking for an incredible career path? Ask: “How can I access my talents in a pleasurable way to bring me financial abundance?” Are you looking for a new home? “What will bring me into alignment with (insert the home of your dreams).” The tarot will tell you exactly how to cultivate these things.

6. You Can Meditate Into Cards for Deeper Answers.

Working with tarot is a two-way conversation. We approach tarot with our needs and questions but tarot desires things from us too. The cards are deep wells of wisdom so when you have a particular challenge or you out of sorts, you can meditate into a card to obtain a specific answer and valuable advice.

7. Tarot is Aspirational.

Tarot is aspirational because everything we desire is inside the cards. Working with tarot is like having a council of wise elders, teachers, and friends at your fingertips. Let the cards inspire you. The Page of Cups will teach you to be wildly imaginative, the Emperor wants you to be strong, and the Star offers lessons on vulnerability. All you have to do is observe and listen as they whisper to you.

8. Tarot Points Out What We Don't See.

We read tarot to discover the things we don’t know. This is why tarot teaches us to cultivate comfort in the unfamiliar and be okay with cards that don’t make sense to us. Why? Because one day is will become clear and you will have learned something from the cards you wouldn’t have understood in any other way.

9. Tarot Teaches Us to Trust.

The most valuable piece of tarot and magic is they teach you to put trust in your process and walk away from it. When you ask tarot a question and receive your answer you have to walk away from the cards. It is unhealthy to keep pulling cards or coming at the same question from different angles until you hear the answer you want. Once you cast a spell, put it out of your mind. Let the universe do its part. You learn to trust. Trust leads to space. Space leads to manifestation.

10. Tarot Reveals the Nature of the Universe.

The structure of the tarot is repetitive. The Fool journeys through each of the major arcana until reaching the World. The then begins the journey over again. The same structure repeats in the minor arcana. The ace blooms like a sprouting seed, moves through the series until it reaches completion in the ten. The cycle is thus reborn as a fresh ace.

Life’s true nature is as repetitive as the four seasons. The sun appears to rise and fall as day turns to night. We move around the earth as it circles the sun. Our bodies inhale and exhale with the beat of our heart. In every second, every moment of life, we have the freedom to change our pattern. We can choose new thoughts like cards from the deck. We can adjust our decisions thus altering our destiny. We have the supernatural power to become anyone we want to be. We are born to be who we truly are. When we evolve, the universe evolves alongside us.

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