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The Perfect Capricorn Season Lifestyle Guide from Sasha Graham

The beginning of Capricorn Season is marked by the Winter Solstice ~ the official beginning of winter and also the longest night of the year. Capricorn Season affects all of us regardless of our zodiac sign. Capricorn vibes mean you have all your bases covered and we’ve got a lifestyle list with everything you might need for this exciting time of year.

When it comes to Romance, Capricorn season if going to affect you with a take it or leave it attitude which means you are sitting in a position of power. It is truly that sweet spot of being able harness your desires rather than be overpowered by them. With that in mind, we’d got fantastic date ideas.


Winter Hike - No matter what climate you live in, a winter hike is always fun. Throw on some boots or snow shoes, pack a thermos of hot chocolate and the winter landscape winter landscape. Snow and ice transforms familiar paths and hikes, turning them into a Narnia like wonderland. Just be sure to plan to return before that early winter sunset.

Sleigh Ride - Nothing is more romantic than a sleigh ride through the snow. Surprise your date by giving them a wrapped gift to open during the sleigh ride or even crafting a romantic playlist on your phone as you fly through the snow together.

Build a Snowman Together - Nothing will make you feel more like you are smack dab in the middle of a romantic comedy than planning a snowman date. Wondering how? Gather snowman accessories ahead of time, (coal for the eyes, a carrot nose and a cozy hat for frosty). Plan a delicious dinner and roaring fire to top off your night. Hold hands while gazing out the window at your snow baby.

Capricorn season reminds you it feels so good to be ambitious. You will find yourself ready more to tackle real world issues. You know if you put in the work, anything is possible. But before you get down to business you might want to plan an amazing trip to end your year or start the new one with a bang.


Warm Holiday Resorts in Mexico or Dominican Republic – all- inclusive resort are on sale and more readily available than ever. Warm your toes in the surf and sit back and relax to energize before harnessing Capricorn vibes

Theme Parks become even more fun and over the top during the holidays. Book a trip to Disney, Knott’s Berry Farm or treat yourself to a Hogwart Holiday at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando or Hollywood, California

Lotte New York Palace - If holiday glitz and glamor is what you crave, book at trip to the most glamorous Lotte New York Palace Hotel. See a holiday show, visit the famous Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree and take in the sights during the most beautiful and glitzy season in the city.

Capricorn Season encourages you to speak up for yourself and really make yourself heard. Capricorn season inspires us to use our gifts in useful in interesting ways. This translates into fabulous fashions trends that keep our Capricorn vibes on point.


Leather Weather - That’s right, you know how to keep yourself warm in style when you wrap your self up in warm and cozy leather or faux leather from buttery coats and motorcycle jackets to smooth pants, to a daring leather dresses. Want to dip in slowly, treat yourself to some tasty gloves.

Plaid Skirts - Nothing says getting down to work (or play) like a classic plaid skirt. They keep you nice and warm too! Try a flirty mini with some thigh high boots or socks to keep you covered or try an ankle length long plaid skirt with a warm sweater for fire side vibes.


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