Tarot Tales with Sasha Graham on the StaarCast Tarot Podcast

Join this fabulous conversation with Sasha Graham tarot author, actor, teacher, and a tarot deck designer. In this episode of StaarCon we learn about her life journey, and all the ways in which tarot has become a part of it.

As a theatrical person born on Halloween, Sasha likes things that are spooky and mysterious. She finds power in creating moods, scenes, and atmospheres that feel magical.

In this episode we talk about:

~ Sensuality and tarot

~ Tarot origin stories

~ Storytelling and tarot

~ Yoga and tarot

~ Shadow work

~ Writing tarot books and making tarot decks

~ What acting and tarot reading have in common

~ Theatricality and tarot readers

~ The 2022 StaarCon Tarot Conference - more information here!

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