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Tarot of the Haunted House Video Guidebook: Swords by Sasha Graham

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Feeling stabby? 🗡️The suit of swords from the video guidebook for Tarot of the Haunted House is now available on my YouTube channel 🎥👻

Readers of Tarot of the Haunted House have been asking me for a comprehensive guidebook for the deck since it came out. The Tarot of the Haunted House currently only includes a little white book. A thick companion book isn't in the cards at the moment but fear not! I've created this youtube video guide.

You will find explanations for the spicy suit of Swords from the Ace of Swords to the King of Demons in this video.

Tarot is what YOU make of it. The intention of this video series is a deep dive to explain how and why I created the images of Tarot of the Haunted House. My explanations should add richness and depth to the meanings you've already cultivated.

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