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“Suits Me” Spring Equinox Tarot Spread

Is it just me or is this Spring wielding a wild, wicked energy?


Raven’s Prophecy Tarot by Maggie Stiefvater

The sun pops out like an illicit kiss warming your body. “Yessss,” you sigh under your breath, giving all of yourself to the solar brilliance, letting it have its way with you, only to open your eyes and find snow swirling at your feet. Fat snowflakes turn to rain and there goes your electricity for five days because heavy wet snapping branches took down your power lines.

Truthfully it’s just March being March. It’s easy to forget how March is like a drunk texter or toddler, tempermental and unpredictable. Maybe that’s why everyone rolls their eyeballs at March and you don’t too meet many people named after it.

Our forgetfulness of seasonal hallmarks veils the gift of lost knowledge.

Nothing compares to the first smell of upturned Spring earth, the first aching blood orange, tangerine squeezed sunset, the scent of Fall’s sweet decaying crunchy leaves and the sharp bite of November frost floating in the air. It is ecstatic reunion, a recognition of love because you’ve forgotten something could look, smell and feel this good.

Seasonal treasures are like our deepest, truest friends, regardless of how much time elapses ~ we reunite like no time has passed. Your comfort in their presence is complete, like they have always been there. We bask in familiar delight and appreciation.

Here is a special tarot spread marking tender Spring’s triumphant return. No matter what winter has bestowed upon you, steady yourself and gather your strength. Take a deep breath and shuffle your cards. We are in a unique time and place in history. The world needs your love, compassion and intelligence like never before.

Suits Me Spring Equinox Spread

Point of Spread: Make a list of Spring goals, messages and wisdom. Mediate, consider and revisit the list each day with your card a day practice up until the Summer Solstice. Use the four suits of tarot as inspiration. The spread is grounded with a Major Arcana message.

How: Shuffle the entire deck while thinking about what this particular Spring means to you. What have you been focusing on? Where do you spend your energy? What feels new and fresh? What feels old and played out? Where were you this time last year?

Select Cards: Pull cards until you have one Major Arcana and a single card of each suit.

Wands          Swords

      Major Arcana

Pentacles      Cups

Free write or journal the messages that appear for you with each card drawn. These are your goals for Spring.

The Major Arcana card will offer you a state of being and a grounding force to consider.

Compress the reading into a simple list of goals/messages. Keep this list with or near your tarot deck. Pull out the list and reread after performing your card-a-day practice (or when you read the cards) every day until the Summer Solstice on June 21st.

Good luck!

My draw:




My interpretation:

Major Arcana: This imagery was a welcome surprise. It evokes Carl Sagan’s quote, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

Maggie’s image reminds us that WE ARE STARS. As above, so below.

My grounding force and message ~ I am as vast and mysterious as the universe. Release unneeded stress and troublesome thoughts. It is meaningless chatter. Dive into the mystery of the present moment to allow new worlds of possibility to unfold.

Six of Wands goal and message: Prepare for success. Focus your fire energy and passion towards the objects you are working towards. Additionally, I’ve been embarking on building internal fire in my yoga practice to burn away inauthentic behavior. Wands are holding a special meaning for me at the present moment.

Queen of Swords goal and message: Be articulate, specific and direct. How I adore the Queen of Swords, my master novelist and articulate goddess.

Three of Cups goal and message: Lighten up and have fun. In addition to the creativity of the number three, this card says remain open for fun, laughs and good feelings where you can get it. If ever there was a season where I needed to lighten up, this would be it.

Six of Coins goal and message: Be open to share and receive financial gifts. Message received!!!

Hope you enjoy this spread!

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Happy Spring.

Cast your cards well!

*All cards in this post come from the gorgeous Raven’s Prophecy Tarot from Maggie Stiefavter. Check it out!

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