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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog ~ Tarot Cards for Your Christmas Tree

Tarot Cards for Your Christmas Tree

Do you celebrate Christmas? Do you stay up late on dark December nights basking in the glow of your Christmas tree long after everyone else is snuggling between their blankets and pillows? Did you know that bringing a tree into your home is one of the single most powerful magical acts you may take part in all year?

Like an island virgin who is dressed, adorned, bedazzled and then thrown into the mouth of an active volcano, we adore and decorate our trees, play out rituals before them and throw them out come January. Our rituals tend to be the tree trimming party, playing board games and unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning.

 The Pine Tree represents life. It does not shed leaves like other trees but remains strong and true to its character. In the woods, it withstands snow on its branches where other trees would snap and break under the weight. The smell of pine revives the spirit and not to mention, it would be darn hard to bring a willow tree into our house and decorate it. We choose pine trees because they are symbol of light, life and hope during the darkest, longest nights of the year.

 Have your noticed the energetic shift of your living room with a giant tree standing there? Did you know that you can communicate with the tree? I’ve found two-step communication quite effective:

1.    Observation ~ after everyone has deserted the room and you know you won’t be interrupted, take some time to focus on your tree. Use the same attention a painter would use if he were painting your tree.  Examine the shape, color, and texture. How many shades of green do you see, how many shadows lurk between branches, is there sticky sap? Is it a sharp tree or soft tree? Think about how long the tree stood growing in the wild, what animals grazed around it, what insects crawled over it, how many wind storms, rain storms, hurricanes, sun shiny days did it see before making it’s way to your living room.

2.    Tarot ~ after observing, pull cards to express the spirit of your tree. Feel free to make up your own questions as well. Ask each question aloud before pulling each card.

 a.    What magic do you bring to my house?

b.    What do you represent as this year draws to a close?

c.     What can you help me bring into my new year?

d.    What card represents your tree spirit?

 I guarantee after performing this, you’ll never look at your Christmas tree the same way again!

Magical Bonus ~ Do you have any habits you’d like to get rid of? When January rolls around and it is time to respectfully dispose of your tree, write each habit on a piece of paper. Attach each habit to the tree’s branches before disposing. Let your tree help you put these habits to rest.

Happy, wonderful holidays to all of you!



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