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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Proud to Become an American Idol Psychic!

I’m super happy to announce I’ve taken a new job – as an American Idol Psychic! Does this mean I now posses and actual excuse to watch television? Yes, yes it does. Starting Wed., January 18th, I’m joining Corrine Kenner, Donnaleigh La Rose, Theresa Reed and Sally Blumenfeld with a live social media feed during American Idol. We’ll be watching the show, making predictions and having loads of fun. Hope you will join us!

We’ve been asked to make a prediction for one judge and I was pleased as punch to select a card for the fabulous Jennifer Lopez. The card I pulled? A not surprising Wheel of Fortune!

My favorite way of understanding The Wheel of Fortune, and it applies to Miss Lopez, as much as it does to you, comes from Joseph Campbell. Mr. Campbell, speaking with Bill Moyers in their landmark PBS series about the symbol of the Wheel of Fortune (not specifically the tarot card), says the Wheel is always in motion. Campbell states, and I paraphrase, the Wheel will always revolve, flinging he who hangs outside both up and down with the hands of fate.

It is up to you to stay in the center.

Staying centered in the Wheel, finding you center in life, is the only way not be thrown by the winds of change which are certain to blow.

As a result of reading Mr. Campbell’s wise words, I never look at The Wheel of Fortune card without peering at those intersecting lines and reminding myself to stay centered.

What does this mean for Jennifer Lopez? Lots of great luck, a big movie deal and one hot and heavy romance. On a deeper, emotional level we see Jen’s wisdom and ability to stay focused. Some of this comes with age, some with becoming a mother. For the most part, Jen has always kept herself calm in the public eye. Can you imagine remain calm as the center of a media circus? Keeping your cool as you exit your Escalade to packs of rabid paparazzi?

The Wheel of Fortune also reflects our country’s thirst, fascination and consumption of celebrity pop culture. We eagerly tune into E News (least I do) watching the Wheel of Fortune go up and down in our celeb’s life. Good stories are, after all, about the journey. Be it your journey, the journey of your favorite movie star or the journey of an American Idol contestant. And lest you forget, Ryan Seacrest always reminds us of the journey when he rolls a contestant’s farewell tape .

“And I never ask what I’m doing the next day. I don’t want to know what I’m doing tomorrow. It’s much too overwhelming. So I just go day by day, without knowing.”

~ Jennifer Lopez

Remember when Jennifer’s mom, Guadalupe Lopez, won 2.4 million dollars in a 2004 Atlantic City trip? Talk about lightning striking twice in one family!! It was a Wheel of Fortune themed dollar slot!!

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re up or down ~ what counts is where you place yourself on the wheel.

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