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Sasha Graham’s Tarot Diva Blog – Cultivating October Magic

October arrived as quick as a kid running a corn maze, candy apple caramel drizzling down their wrist. Stop, savor the sweetness, lick your wrists, and any other place Halloween sugar drips.

Before Fall slips away, bring its magic inside you. Doing so, you can cultivate its yumminess each and every day of the year.

I’ll pop up through the month offering you ways to incorporate the beauty of the witching season.

The Star Card from Lo Scarabeo’s Dark Grimoire Tarot

Bend Time Like a Sorceress:

Have you noticed time speeding up as you age? I do and don’t like it. Time itself doesn’t change but our perception of it does. Scientists propose a theory reasoning why childhood experience of time feels slow. They say our experience of time is slow in childhood because we are laying fresh, new experiences into our memory. New and novel experiences create a dense memory awareness as the brain is recording them. Driving to a new destination feels exceedingly long compared to the ride home because of this theory.

How can you slow time down? Simple. Lay down new memory patterns by embracing and trying new things. Visit new places. Break out of routines. Navigate different routes. Travel everywhere you can. Meet and get to know new and fascinating people.

Your broom won’t sweep you off to Italy tomorrow? That’s okay. Find a different town, museum, restaurant close to you. Just be sure you’ve never been there before. The more “newness” you embrace, the slower time will feel. And the more precious life you will have to enjoy.

For more on theories on our perception of time see Robert Krulwich’s NPR Science Blog.

Do you have a special way of manipulating time? Did you ever have one of those magical few days or hours where time itself stopped? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

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