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Sasha Graham's Tarot Card a Day Blog – The Page of Pentacles


Page of Pentacles:

Brilliant spring sunshine, steaming hot coffee and I pull the Page of Pentacles. Perfection. I look at the freshly plowed field behind her (the pages are feminine – no matter how they are pictured on the card) and I look from my deck toward my own garden plot. Melting snow still covers the ground but streaks of soft earth peek through. The frigid air carries poignant wetness under it’s chill. I’ll be planting soon enough . . .

Notice how the Page of Pentacles gently holds her Pentacle, as if a bubble, fascinated by it. Pages carry a youthful, childlike enthusiasm. The Page of Pentacles is often understood as the student card. Remember being a student, in a class you loved, with a subject you were passionate about?

I always look at the Page’s Pentacle as a seed. No doubt this idea, this seed, will eventually take root and solid, sturdy results will occur. After all, Pentacles are the most concrete, most real, of the four suits in Tarot.

The marvelous aspect of The Page of Pentacles is that it never occurs to her what practical thing she should do with her subject. She never concerns herself with what the results will be. It is her interest alone that keeps her captivated. Are you the eternal student?

Isn’t it amazing, however, when your passion winds up being the same thing you make your living with? This is why we should pay such careful attention to things that bring us joy, mesmerize and enthrall us.

I’ve spent the weekend lost in seed catalogues but I’ve got larger things underway too. I’m in the beginning stages, still sketching, playing, and tossing around ideas that always intrigued me. Sooner or later I’ll plant them in a metaphorical ground. It will take the energy of the Knight of Pentacles to get them there, the nurturing touch of the Queen of Pentacles to see them to fruition. Then, hopefully, like the King of Pentacles, I’ll relax, secure, satisfied and proud.

Let the metaphor of a spring awakening bring your visions forth!

What plans are underway for you this spring?

What idea keeps striking you again and again?

What classes did you live for in school?

Imagine you are The Page of Pentacles. What is inside your Pentacle?

What subjects do you collect?

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

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