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Two of Pentacles


A Balancing Act.

The Two of Pentacles represents duality, balance and motion. It lies within the suit of Pentacles so the card deals with material things, money, objects and people. A stormy sea rolls behind the juggler but he is not dismayed from the task at hand. I find this to be a very active card, very physical. I soon realized what I was to be balancing.

Last night, I was hired to read Tarot for the employees of a large Manhattan hotel. It was their holiday party in a snazzy midtown restaurant. The figure on The Two of Pentacles is dressed like a performer. I dress up and play a part when I am hired for a party. I have a wonderful, Victorian outfit and beautiful antique jewelry. I try to look my best when I know strangers will be gazing into my eyes. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t trying to look and act mysterious.

Party reading can be tricky. Part of the job is to keep the readings uplifting, light and happy. You want to keep it fun. But, I also always want to tell the truth. Another tricky aspect of reading cards is that many people come up to the table scared. They search your face for any sign of bad news. For this reason, I take the Death card out of the deck when I am working a party. Personally, I adore the Death card, a card of significant change and growth. Unfortunately, too many people freak out if Death shows up. I find it easier just to remove it.

I’m also carefully monitoring my thoughts, taking chances when predicting things about people. I’m very aware how strong the power of suggestion is. I’m always searching for the strains of intuition that are genuine. When I hit upon something that rings true, it is the best feeling in the world.

There I was last night, just like the figure on the Two of Pentacles. I’m trying to be positive in my readings. Trying my best to be psychic. I’m keeping the readings about five minutes long so I can get to everyone. I have a belligerent drunk man who demands me to tell him if his girlfriend will cheat on him. He won’t take no for an answer. The DJ starts blasting house music that I can barely talk over.

In the end, it was a lovely evening. I read for such a fascinating variety of people. It is a unique and special situation to have complete strangers open up to you on such a deep and personal level. You are literally peeking inside their lives, taking a quick survey and assuring them that everything is okay. Hopefully, you can bring some good news about their future. I hope I make each person feel as special as they are.

Great responsibility comes with being a reader. I think as long as I read Tarot for other people I will be the figure in the Two of Pentacles. Balancing the fine line between intuition, truth and candor.

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