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6 Ways to Reboot Your Tarot Practice in 2022 with the Dark Wood Tarot

Hello gorgeous!

A gothic mist is rolling across the fields and pressing up against the window. It peers in at us like specters of New Years Eve past as I write to you. Old phantoms stir up as easy as a tray of dirty martinis this time of year, don't they? Spirits tap with at our pane, devils slip past the door stops, goblins crowd the bedroom at 3am, to remind us of where we've been and who we are. They whisper our deepest desires in the soupy thick night of night when we think no one's looking.

But, let's not banish our demons just yet ...

Old ghosts are ever so helpful at pointing out the things we truly want. Qualities like pleasure, joy, attention, creativity, health, peace ... all the things we desire but, perhaps, don't allow ourself to have enough of.

Let's turn the tables on our dark shadows while rebooting and refreshing our tarot practices for 2022!

The Hermit Card from the Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham, Illustrated by Abigail Larson
6 Ways to Reboot Your Tarot Practice in 2022

1. Identify a positive Shadow Self Trait

The Shadow is where we throw everything we'd rather not deal with about ourselves. It contains the parts of us we don’t want to think about: jealousy, violent inclinations, selfish behavior, essentially, the stuff your mom taught you not to do or how to behave. But the shadow hold glorious things as well. Talents, curiosities, passion and power is stored in the shadow. Ever fall in love with someone you didn’t think you deserved? Ever enjoy something like singing, writing or dancing and someone told you you sucked at it so you stopped? Original thinking, creativity, entire ways of being are deeply buried in your Shadow.

Write a list of five things you have always wanted to do and never let yourself do. Circle one thing that would make your life better if you engaged in it and ...

2. Perform the following Shadow Reading:

3. Prepare a Diary of Dark Thoughts

Torturous thought cycles and a negative spiral is depicted by the Nine of Swords Tarot Card in the Dark Wood Tarot
Nine of Swords from the Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham, illustrated by Abigail Larson

9 of Swords, we've all been there. No one knows the gothic terror of a 9 of Swords mindset like you do. Have a Diary of Dark Thoughts prepared and ready to go for negative thought spirals in 2022!

Use a dedicated notebook or journal to free write a repository of the putrid, hateful, terrible things you think about yourself and others. It is meant for YOUR EYES ONLY. Once you are finished writing out your angst ridden thoughts and fears (thoughtless hate scrolling and binge drinking is sooooo 2020) you will feel like a new human. Pull a tarot card for further guidance on how to point yourself in a new direction and just like that, you've changed a pattern!

4. Choose a Tarot Spirit Card for 2022

What is a Tarot Spirit Card? It is a card that stays with you for a pre-determined amount of time like a spirit guide. It offers clues, wisdom, and advice. Spirit cards as a mentor. Their energy can be called upon when you feel lost or stymied. A Spirit Card only works when you engage in a two-way conversation with it, so place as a screensaver or leave the card out at all times where you can see it.

1. Clear the mind, shuffle your cards while calling out for your guide.

2. Select card.

3. Turn it over (turning right side up if reversed).

4. Let the image wash over you and sit observing each other for 5 minutes.

5. Journal these questions and responses:

~ What wisdom do you offer?

~ How can I integrate it?

~ What lessons can I learn from you?

~ How do I implement your lessons?

~ What is your wish for me?

~ How can I best serve you?

The Star tarot card offers hope, clarity and communion.
The Star Card from Dark Wood Tarot by Sasha Graham, illustrated by Abigail Larson

5. Create a Dedicated Tarot Space

Refresh and revitalize a dedicated tarot reading space in your home. Ideally, it should be located where you will not be disturbed. Fill space with things to inspire your five witching senses:

Scent: Essential Oils, Candles, Incense

Sight: Artwork, Visioning Boards, Crystal Gazing Balls, Ouiji Boards

Sound: Trance OUT with Bluetooth Speakers or Record Players

Touch: Silken Reading Cloth, Draped Lace, Velvet

Taste: Tasty Teas, Tea Cups, Infused Waters, Chocolates

6. Cleanse Your Tarot Deck.

Put your tarot deck back in numerical order and smudging the cards. Charge the deck with lunar or solar energy by placing them on a window ledge on a moonlit night or sunny day. Use a soft rag to erase fingerprints and grease smudges on the cards.

Suggested Incense:

Sage - general clearing and cleansing.

Palo Santo - deep spiritual healing.

Cedar - to repel negativity and attract clear, affirming vibrational energy.

And as 2022 unfolds, remember, I believe in you!

Cast your cards well :D


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