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The Best and Worst Questions to Ask Your Tarot Cards: A Llewellyn Virtual Author Forum

Questions are the bread and butter, candle and flame, witch and spell of a tarot practice!

Power lies in the question — not in the answer. Why? Because human nature moves to the next question as soon as the immediate question is answered. Give the brain a question, it finds an answer, then leapfrogs to the next question. Good questions move us faster in our desired direction.

Bad questions

  • When am I going to fall in love?

  • Why am I such an idiot?

  • Why am I so unlucky?

  • Why am I eating this fourth slice of pizza?

  • Why me?

These questions are not only poorly constructed, they are downright toxic. Why and when questions cave in on your brain. They give it no room to explore and discover a satisfying answer with the power to set you on a new course.

Good questions

  • What can I do to cultivate an amazing romantic relationship?

  • How can I attack this issue in a different way?

  • How can I have more fun?

  • What fulfills me?

Good questions acknowledge the personal power you possess over your future actions. They put your clever brain firmly in the driver’s seat. What and how questions give your brain something it can work with. They will give you an answer you can take action on. They actually trick your brain into proactivity.

Repetition and requests

It is human nature to repeat. Nature’s patterns repeat, habits repeat, lessons repeat and our questions repeat until they are answered. Want to change something in your life? Want to create something new? Construct a power question. Ask that question each and every day at the same time. Ask it over your first sip of coffee, ask it when you step in the shower, ask it when you slip your key into the ignition. Ask it as if like your life depends on it. Because if you are asking a good, deep, heartfelt, important question, your life does depend on it.

Power question construction

  1. Acknowledge the role you play in your future.

  2. State your desired outcome.

  3. Construct your power question.

  4. Ask this question every day until you get your answer.

Do I ask my tarot cards questions every day after all these years?

You better believe I do!

What is important to you?

How strong can you make your question?

What are you asking?

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