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Why You Need Tarot Secrets & Spells with Sasha Graham and Circles of Wisdom Bookshop

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

A brand new tarot secrets and spells workshop with Circles of Wisdom Bookstore:

Friday, June 4th, 2021 @ 7pm EST


Are you ready to cast a spell? Gather virtually with bestselling author Sasha Graham as she reveals a deep hidden secret of the tarot. We’ll do tarot readings, you’ll receive a tarot spirit card, learn how to craft a tarot spell, cleanse our decks together, enjoy a guided meditation, spell writing, and spell casting.

Please bring:

  • Tarot deck of your choice

  • Journal

  • Writing tools

  • Stick or cone incense

  • Incense burning materials

  • Candle

Register for Workshop:

Tarot, Sacred Space and Your Magical Practice

by Sasha Graham

(This article first appeared in Llewellyn Journal)

Have you ever cast a Tarot spell? Magical results are often surprising as the best things in life should be. Tarot spells often lead us to places where unanticipated wonders await. Unforeseen pleasures are akin to synchronicity, the universe’s way of wrapping its arm around us, learning in and whispering into our ear, “Oh yes. You are on the right path.” Unexpected pleasures confirm and let us know we chose well.

Sacred space occupies the place between the mechanical aspects of tarot spell crafting and the tarot spell’s manifested results. Sacred space is the pliable and expansive place where creative possibility exists. Like a crossroads, it is a threshold where multiple possibilities converge. The place where forest meets field. Where cultivated vegetable gardens meets wild thorn bushes. Where lips conceal unspoken words. Where inside meets outside. Where the known and unknown collide. It is the membrane, the very skin of our psychic reality. It is where we pass into the interior of a tarot card to interface directly with the Arcana.

To use tarot as a gateway, center the mind and enter the card using your consciousness to explore. Guided meditations are helpful for this purpose. Tarot cards may be used at a gateway but, then again, anything can. Remember, you can enter an herb, plant, rock, tree, or any object just as you would a tarot card.

Sacred space is the place questions fall away and instinct becomes paramount. Intuition becomes our torchlight. If a line exists between our creative imagination and reality, it must be fluid one. Perhaps, it moves like the ebbing sands of the ocean? Or is the line gauzy and thin, like the earth’s delicate atmospheric membrane. We become the fecund earth and the sustaining oxygen bubble becomes the boundary between us and the possibility of an ever-expanding universe?

Is the sacred space manifested by tarot spell casting always at our fingertips? Is it not sacred space that opens between lovers, bodies entwined, skin caressing skin, souls lit with passion fire? Isn’t this exactly the space that occurs for the painter and between himself and his subject? Between a writer and her journal? Doesn’t a walk in the woods reveal sacred space at every turn? The discovery of a waterfall, an explosion of wild roses, a craggy old fruit orchard reverberates with the magic of gateways, story and possibility?

If we discern the subtle difference of sacred space and creative imagination we realize how powerful we are. We recognize our singular point of consciousness is the filter of that which passes before us. We easily see that what we focus on becomes a reality.

Magical practice gives us an opportunity to experiment with the nature of how the universe is constructed. Science tells us inside our atomic matter there is more “space” than actual “stuff.” We don’t just spring from nature. We are nature. Our bodies are made of ancient stardust. All that space found inside of our cells and atoms the scientists speak of? My instinct tells me it is sacred. We don’t just create sacred space. We are made of sacred space. We are imbued with it. Tarot reading, creative pursuits and a magical practice bring it out of us.

Every time we invoke magic, we really invoke ourselves. Ourselves as we have always been intended to be. Sensitive. Brilliant. Inventive. Authentic. Unique. Powerful. Knowing this, it is possible to weave sacred space beyond mere spell casting and into every aspect of our daily life.

Cast your cards wisely. I believe in you.

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