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Sasha Graham Tarot Diva – 4 Chambers of the Heart Valentines Spread

Love, chocolate, sex and teddy bear day is coming. Are you ready?

I created this spread for Victoria Evangelina Belyavskaya’s and Ed Peterson’s Radio Show. where I recently appeared as a guest. Click the above link to listen to the show.

Whether you’re married for forty years, are looking for Mr. Right or on the prowl for Mr. Right Now, you can always open to give and receive more love.

Remember, the law of attraction states that you get what you give. What you project in the world comes back to you in droves. Do you see what I’m hinting here . . . if you want more love you must give it. Give love to yourself, give love to the world around you.

Excellent, now you are open and a walking, talking living breathing expression of love. Let’s take it a bit further by creating a Tarot spread based on the four chambers of your precious heart . . .

Structure of the Heart’s Four Chambers

2 Chambers (The Superior Atria) are Receiving Chambers.These chambers are connected to the suits of Cups (water) and Pentacles (Earth). These are the feminine, soft, receptive suit

2 Chambers (The Inferior Ventricles) are Discharging Chambers. These chambers are connected to the suits of Wands (Fire) and Swords (Air). These are the masculine, hard, domineering suits.

Receiving and Accepting

Card 1. What blocks me from receiving love?

Card 2. What can I proactively do to open myself and receive more love?

Discharging and Offering

Card 3. What blocks me from giving love?

Card 4. How can I find a way to offer more love to those around me?

Bonus – Box of chocolate bonus question:

Card 5. What sweet and sexy surprise can I look forward to?

Our breath is a direct line to our heart . . .

Mini breathing/visualization love exercise – Close your eyes and focus in your breath. Be sure each breath is deep and full. As you breath in, say to yourself, “I accept love.” As you exhale state “I offer love.” Do this for three to five minutes every day or as you like.

To uncover your personal card of the week read Sasha’s Tarot column at The Dating Symbol.

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