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Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire Episode #5: "Haunted Humanoids with Nicholas De Phares, Paranromal TV Host

Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire

Episode #5 "Haunted Humanoids"

Guest: Nicholas de Phares, Paranormal TV Host 

What would you do if you were walking down your favorite trail and stumbled upon a massive humanoid figure moving through the woods? Why is it that ghost stories so often include keys and is manifestation sometimes as easy as just asking for something? Nicholas de Pahres descends from a long line of witches and grew up in a home where divination and practicing magic was as normal as bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Nicholas is an actor, tarot card reader, and the host of a local paranormal show in Jefferson County, New York. Nicholas has been a frequent featured storyteller, and I love ghost stories by the fire events. And you are about to find out why he is a gifted and eloquent orator and entertainer.In Episode #5, he shares experiences of human hair dolls who pull themselves across the floor and why the stillness of the woods of upstate New York thrums with otherworldly power.

Chapter #1 My Witching Family [3:21]

Chapter #2 Wild Woodland Energy [6:45]

Chapter #3 Manifesting [13:01]

Chapter #4 Abandoned Masonic Temple [15:30

Chapter #5 Creepy Dolls [19:56]

Chapter #6 Figure Outside the Window [21:40]

Chapter #7 Skeleton Key Mystery [23:17]

Chapter #8 Haunted Humanoid [40:10]

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Episode #5 Links:

Nicholas de Phares:

The Ghost Stories theme song "Lovely," comes from the The Deeper You Dig  by the Adams Family. This horror flick is a different kind of ghost story that will haunt you after it ends! Watch now, free on Tubi:

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