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Libra Season Lifestyle Guide from Sasha Graham

Libra season runs from late September ’til late October, and it calls for us to slow down. Metaphysical author Sasha Graham helps us do just that with travel, date night and style ideas that feel just right this Libra season!

Originally aired on the List TV on October 18th, 2021.


Venus rules Libra Season. Venus is all about love, beauty and sensuality. Lucky for you, there’s no better time to feel saucy and exciting than when the leaves turn color and there’s a nip in the air. Rule your romance sector with these fabulous date ideas.

Libra Season Date Idea

Atlas Obscura Date - If you haven’t heard of Atlas Obscura, you need it in your life, especially when you need to break out of your dating comfort zone with fresh date ideas. Atlas Obscura is THE definitive guide to the world’s hidden wonders. It catalogues unusual and obscure destinations for you to visit. It was formed in 1909 and by now, chances are, you can find an Atlas Obscura location close to home. Make a date out of visiting it! Picnic near an abandoned asylum? Tiptoeing up an undiscovered lighthouse to take in the view? Explore a mysterious rock formation? Go to and put your town in the search tab to see what comes up!


Libra is a cardinal sign. Cardinal energy ushers in fresh and exciting vibes. This means it’s the ideal time for you to try brand new things. Surprise yourself and your loved one’s with these out-of-the-box traveling ideas.

Libra Season Travel Idea

Workcation - Workcations are a new way to extend your vacation reality. Hybrid work situations are more available to workers everywhere. If you have the options to work remotely, why not extend your vacation a few extra weeks? Create a work/vacation schedule that will allow you to stay in a desirable location longer than your allotted one of two weeks by choosing to work remotely from that place. People all over the country are embracing this model and fighting out how to live their best life!


Libra’s scales reflect balance. When it comes to your personal style, you always want to hit the right integration of who you and how your outfits and clothing make you feel. Drawing upon trend of the past in a fresh way packs a punch during Libra Season!

Libra Season Style Idea

Retro Movie Star Elegance - The theme of this year’s Met Gala was “American” and it seemed that two out of three attendees from Billy Eilish to Emily Blunt wore head-to-toe goddess glamour looks. These were throwbacks to the classic movie stars of the 40’s and 50’s. The great part of this trend is that its the perfect way to shop new or mix in some vintage strapless mermaid dresses because let’s face it, glamour never gets old or goes out of style.

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