Holiday Coupon for Tarot Diva Readers

Tarot Diva has partnered with for the holidays.

Save some dough, get inspired and do some gift(or personal) shopping from Brooklyn’s #1 indie food shop.

Receive 15% all orders through 12/31/15 by using “tarotdiva” at checkout.

Here’s a short list of my favorite, small batch, indie made, magical foodstuffs from Mouth.


Beans to rid a poltergeist?!

That’s right. In ancient Rome, the head of the household tossed black beans over their shoulder to rid the home of ghosts and poltergeists. Use them for wicked good Southwestern and Mexican inspired meals.


Made by Rancho Gordo, Napa, California


Pomegranates for seduction and fertility.

Pomegranates decorate the Empress’s gown in the tarot deck. Greek mythology credits Aphrodite, Goddess of love for planting the first pomegranate tree. The fruit is associated with fertility due to its many seeds.


Made by City of Daughters in Madison County, New York


Honey to make a situation stick.

Honey is naturally sticky and can be used for attraction magic. It was prescribed by Hippocrates to increase sexual vigor. Honey in a squeeze bottle (like Mike’s Hot Honey) can be used for writing your magical intention across toast, cheese or your even lover’s bare skin …


Made by Mike’s Hot Honey, Brooklyn, New York


Karmic awesomeness and Law of Return ~ What you put out (positive or negative) comes back to you three times as strong.

Purchase a gift that gives back. Lauren Bush founded FEED in 2007. Every product purchased has a number stamped on it signifying the amount of meals or micronutrient packets delivered to a school child in countries such as Cambodia, Chad and Guatemala.

That’s simply amazing.


Made by FEED


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