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"Sasha Graham's Ghost Stories by the Fire" is Frighteningly Good!

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Tarot readers, mediums and psychics will often tell you they've heard it all because they HAVE! One of the gifts of teaching and reading tarot is that people confide their deepest secrets and fears. They also feel safe enough to tell you their ghost stories and strange paranormal experiences.

When Alex Haskel, the bar manager of Barrow's Intense Tasting Room, mentioned that he'd love to have a night dedicated to telling spooky stories around the fire pit ... that was all I needed to hear. I gathered my friends and put together this event just in time for Halloween season. Best part? Now, we'll do it every month!

Ghost stories? Craft cocktails? Crackling fire? Yes, please!

We had goosebumps!

From clockwise right, 1. A story of NYC time traveling with the mafia. 2. A harrowing tale of being born dead. 3. Teens in a car, stranger in the road, late at night, never a good mix. 4. Mental institution suicides!

Our youngest storyteller was 10 year old Nico ! He told a spine tingling tale of horror about a walk through the forest and a bloody stump.

Featured Storytellers Heather and Nicholas began and ended our evening and they were fabulous with the tale of a haunted house and spooky upstate NY town.

Featured Storyteller: Psychic Medium Heather Carlucci

Heather Carlucci is an internationally renowned psychic medium and medical intuitive. She works extensively with doctors and other health care professionals to find diagnoses undetected by western medicine. With her decades of experience as an entrepreneur, Heather also works with CEOs, creatives and other leaders to work through psychic blocks and triggers. She lives in NYC.

Featured Storyteller: Tarotist & Witch Nicholas de Phares Nicholas de Phares brings together the magic of old-time witchery and a deep knowledge of the tarot. Following in the footsteps of his great-great-grandmother, he and his family have reached beyond the veil as diviners and storytellers for over a century.

Join our next event and share your spooky story!

A Spooky Story share! Do you have a: Ghost story? Psychic happening? Paranormal occurrence? Weird fiction? UFO sighting? We want to hear it! Win a prize!

"Ghost Stories By the Fire: A Spooky Story Slam!"

Hosted by author Sasha Graham

Barrow’s Intense Tasting Room, Industry City Brooklyn

Ghost stories, strange tales, paranormal happenings, psychic events as told by YOU.

Outside at the courtyard Fire Pit!

Give us chills!

You don't have to reveal if your stories are fact or fiction.

Story Sharing Guidelines:

Do you have a true or imaged ghost story, psychic happening, freaky incident, near death experience or UFO encounter?

~ Prepare an under 5 minute story.

~ Put your name in the Witch’s Hat.

~ First name pulled gets a free drink.

~ Wrap up when you hear the warning bell - 5 minute limit.

~ Stories can be real or imagined.

~ No reading or notes allowed!

~ We will have time for 8-10 stories.


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