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Angels and Tarot

This is why I love working with Tarot…


New York City was frigidly cold yesterday morning. But the earth angles have shifted since Winter Solstice and the sunlight contains the lemon yellow of summer not the blinding white of winter. You can see spring in the light even if you can’t feel it on your cheeks, even if our bundled sweaters and wool gloves tell us otherwise.

My daughter and I walked westward toward her school with the sun behind us. It was at such an angle that our shadows stretched long and narrow before us, like Slenderman stick figures. A least a quarter of the block long. We marveled at our specters and wondered if they were us walking to school in a dream scape. We watched our shadows appear on passing taxis  as we waited for the streetlights to flick from red to green.


I dropped her to school and retraced my steps. Now walking East, toward the sunlight, I saw a million photographical moments. It was like strolling through a hard cover, coffee table, photo art book. Yellow light spilled around the Empire State Building, bounced off the top of Madison Square Garden and poured over the morning rush below. Each commuter looked like a fire breathing dragon. Their heads buried into their scarves, plunging ahead to their offices and shops while their normally invisible breath curled up and around them dissolving into the air like Medusa snakes yearning to break free.


2 blocks from my apartment, I found myself on a mysteriously desolate block. A wine and chocolate bar with heated outdoor seating, pumped a Motown song into the street. Marvin Gaye’s voice echoed between the empty concrete canyons and all around me. The song sounded … hollow … like the music they played in The Shining’s flashback sequences …. like a forgotten memory.

The sideway glistened and I swear, it felt as if I had stepped inside a vampire film. I sensed (imagined?) figures, not of this world surrounding me, just out of sight, behind the parking garage wall, peering from the roof, in the apartment building above me, under the sidewalk grates looking up.

I began to take it to a dark place, thinking these things were waiting to pounce. Then I remembered human nature brings conflict and danger into every story. We also tend to fear what we don’t understand. So, I waited for a moment, listened and felt the experience with my body.

It wasn’t dangerous, just different. Not of this world.

It occurred to me, perhaps they were angels. And I heard the flutter of a thousand feathers beating and their wings disturbing the air. But their eyes. That was what I felt most of all. And it wasn’t one or two which is how I normally experience my guides. It was dozens.

I slowly moved towards home. The song ended, dying down to absolute quiet. No new song came on. Silence.

A million goosebumps erupted and I shivered down my spine!!!!!

I came home and pulled a tarot card to discover what it all meant, if I was correct in my interpretation of the strangeness. I pulled:

The Temperance Card.


The Angel.

I love tarot.

Because sometimes, when you aren’t sure you know what’s going on, or if magic is real, Tarot reminds you and confirms that it is. 🙂

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